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So, I’m posing a question to all writers/artists/musicians/bloggers–anyone really–and wondering: What gets your creative juices flowing?

It’s a variety of things for me, but I find that I come up with my best stuff while I’m in the shower. I don’t know why–perhaps the hot water opens up the pores or something–but that’s when it normally comes. I’ve worked my way through many countless writer block occurences and come up with many of my short story ideas (in fact, the only one I had published came while I was in the shower at college).

Of course it’s not the ideal place…especially since you can’t really take a pen and paper in there or leave it on the side, for water will still get all over it. That and there are times I may get so caught up in a storyline that I’m seeing in my head that I don’t realize how long I’ve been in there…so that can’t be too good for my water bill 😛 I’ve debated taking those bath crayons in there but I can’t very well write all over the walls every time–that would be a lot of cleaning to do afterwords and I’d still have to transfer it to something more permanent.

I find that listening to certain music, especially music soundtracks, will also put me in the mood to write. The ideas may not flow as well as they do in the shower, but I’ve done a great deal of writing while listening to my favorite soundtracks.

Anyway, I’m curious–I’d like to know what makes the ideas/words/pictures flow in your head. 🙂 (And Yes, I came up with the idea for this post when I was–you guessed it–in the shower).

Comments on: "What Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing?" (6)

  1. I’m inspired by little moments, either in real life or in films. I love intense moments of high emotion. Rage, despair, anything. And then I spin out into my own ideas for why someone might experience that sort of moment, and a scene is born!

  2. I’ve been told that those magnetic writing boards kids use work in showers! lol I made a post on a forum about it being a pain when you come up with great ideas in the shower and someone suggested that – haven’t tried it, so can’t guarantee, but could be worth a shot!
    That said… it might stifle the inspiration, it sometimes seems to like striking when you’re least able to jot down ideas.
    I have some music that I can put on and know it’ll kick me into gear for writing, it’s not inspiring as such but works as a mental switch – hello, listen, I’m playing so you should be writing – always seems to work!
    Best of luck with your novel writing 🙂

  3. I get all of my best ideas durring that period of time between when i lay down at night and when i fall asleep.Its quiet,solitary,and i can just let all of the images and feelings flow together in my mind.Try not to control it so much and just let it happen.let your soul pour out onto the page and it will take care of itselfe.Because all art, no matter the medium,is just a little piece of the artist’s heart and soul.

  4. Courtney Vail said:

    I find my creative juices flow if I spend time outside, running, sitting on the beach, whatever. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the time alone. I’m not sure. I also find a rush of inspiration when I first get up. Many of my ideas come from dreams and I love to write down my thoughts right away.

  5. woowooteacup said:

    My ideas come from music, from dreams, from the space between wakefulness and sleep, from walking, and from combining the various topics I’m interested in. Oh, and while doing the dishes, or house cleaning, or laundry – something tedious. The shower is classic and also works for me.

  6. I am with you—the shower is number one with me. Besides that it’s out walking or anywhere I else I may have forgoten to take my pen.

    …funny you came up with this in the shower.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll—I am adding you as well.

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