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Accosted By Characters

It started with my MC Kaiyo. I always thought I understood her–her personality, nuances, motivation, etc. I thought I knew her and what made her tick, so to speak.

I found out I was wrong.

Though I didn’t actually work on any of my writing this weekend (surprise, surprise…), she accosted me. Kaiyo kept shadowing me the entire weekend, being persistent (as she is known for…), telling me more about herself than I’d ever imagined. She’s a lot more complex than I’d originally thought! She practically screamed at me when I was listening to Natalie Grant’s song I Will Not Be Moved  saying this was HER song; this was the cry of her heart. I never understood her completely until I heard it and now there’s a new understanding I have of her and her story.

Now that she’s thoroughly satisfied that I understand her completely, it seems she’s rallied all of the other characters, for now they are coming forward and letting me know that I need to examine them more. 😛

I’m especially surprised by Ryuji, who still tends to be on the mysterious side, but since Kaiyo’s little dare, he’s found himself slightly more emboldened to let me know how I’ve characterized him wrong too 😛 It seems that there’s a slightly darker past that he has that he never let me see before now. I never really knew how much pain he was really in and how brave he was. I’m understanding why he keeps his distance from people now.

And then there’s Iesada, Kaiyo’s estranged father…he too is very secretive and not really certain if I’m to be trusted with his story; however, I’ve discovered an entire backstory of his that he’s let be revealed through other characters…but with his permission of course. He likes to  be difficult with me, but it’s understandable–his rank as oyabun in the yakuza makes him this way.

And I can’t forget the antagonist, Kaemon (as much as I want to!). I know I tend to avoid him, because he’s so intimidating, but I can’t any longer. I’m afraid to see the true depth of his darkness, for I know he enjoys causing others pain and gets some sick joy out of it. I don’t really want to examine his character, but I know that I’m going to have to if I want to tell the story the way it ought to be. (I can hear him already laughing about what I’m going to discover….)

 I’m spending a great deal of time daydreaming and not being quite here in this world as their world and their lives come to the forefront. And of course, as a writer, I am obliged to sit and listen, for it would be a great injustice to ignore them (even though I don’t think I could if I tried!).

I know a great deal of writers are accosted by their characters at odd times and I’m sure that anyone who has characters and stories can understand this 🙂 Even though this entry does make me sound a bit on the crazy side!

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  1. What you experience is called writer crazy. Only writers can understand it. Sooner or later your family will start to realize YOU ARE normal. Just normal for being a writer, which really isn’t normal.

    Clear as mud?

  2. Yes. But I understand exactly what you’re saying!

    My sister is a writer too–and a fantasy one at that. So she really understands where it comes from, lol.

  3. I love it! The whole “characters coming alive” thing used to baffle me, but when I decided to do Nano and settled on a story idea, the characters virtually come forward and introduced themselves.

    I’m actually a bit annoyed with them right now, because the character that I thought of as my MC, the one I loved best, is totally fading into the background. The woman I initially thought of as an antagonist has demanded a greater and more compelling role in the story.

    It’s very, very strange to be channeling all of this from a wellspring I never knew existed!

    Your characters sound very interesting… enjoy exploring them!

  4. Yes have fun! It sounds like they are really wanting the story told, and this way you should be really ready to write it all out in November! Great stuff.

  5. not crazy at all! I talk scenes out between characters, so have told my family if they hear me mumbling to myself, that’s why… 🙂

    this sounds really fascinating! looking forward to more…

  6. Nope, not crazy at all. In fact, I have another idea for a novel. There’s no way I can write it now and since the characters are willing to share, I got some plain paper bound today just to do some mapping for that story.

    Chacters don’t always want to talk to us, so when they do, I say take advantage of it!

  7. Don’t listen to these people, you’re crazy! Crazy, I tells ya! Crazy like a loon, spinning on a top, talking to the dormouse, and having a cup of tea! Ha ha ha ha!

  8. Yes, you’re right, I really *do* understand where it comes from! lol

    Part of why I decided to switch gears from fantasy into sci-fi is because of the characters in this new story of mine. They haven’t spoken to me in words yet, but there’s just something about them. The main girl keeps looking at me with my own eyes, telling me that I somehow *need* to know her story. And the main guy, sheesh, don’t get me started — he won’t even maintain eye contact yet, but he just keeps playing his violin, glancing over to me every now and then as if to say, “You’re still listening, right?” It’s all very mysterious, but I’m captured by them both, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to tell me.

    As far as the other characters are concerned, more and more pop up every day. I’m certain that the bad guy has made an appearance — I felt an unmistakable twinge of anxiety at some point — but I can’t quite place who it is yet…

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