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Goodbye, dear Bailey

My parents had to put their dog Bailey (and my dog too…) to sleep 😦 She was nine years old. I remember getting her as a 6 month old puppy at the pound when I was a freshman in high school.

The last time I saw her was on Labor Day….

Not sure what killed her exactly–she’s been having issues the past few weeks (even when I went up last month) with her left side and coordination. They think it might have been some sort of spinal abscess or tumor.

Mom called crying .She said Bailey was howling…and in the nine years we’ve had her, I never heard her howl. I guess I just feel really horrible for my mom….she’s been through so much the past six months, what with Grandma’s stroke and caring for her and visiting her daily at the nursing home, to Bailey getting sick so suddenly and dying like this….

I can’t lie; I’m pretty much a basket case right now 😦 I think it’s the combination of never seeing her again and the pain my mom’s going through….and the fact that my sister’s at school four hours away, wishing that she could be at home around family.

Phil and I were going up to see them this weekend; I was so looking forward to seeing Bailey. Now I won’t see her again…:( I really wish I could’ve been there, at least to help my parents…Sorry for such a depressing post but I had to get it out.


Bailey at age 7.

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  1. aw i am so sorry to hear about your family dog 😦 made me cry. It’s so heartbreaking when something like this happens. She looked like a really gorgeous dog too. All my sympathy goes out to you and your family. *cyber hugs*

  2. oh, hugs from me too… we always had dogs around when I was a kid. so hard to say goodbye…

    prayers sent your way and to your folks too…

  3. Thanks for the comments…I really don’t think it’ll hit me until I go home to visit this weekend and she won’t be at the door to greet me.

  4. Courtney Vail said:

    Awww. That’s so sad. We had to put our dog to sleep when I was in Junior High. Along time ago I know, but losing a pet is always heartbreaking and the sting remains. I’ll lift you all up in prayer.

  5. I’m so sorry! We got a dog my freshman year too – she was a couple of years old then, putting her around 14 now I think. She’s on her last legs, and we’re all sort of preparing ourselves that this will be her last winter…

    I’m so sorry about your dog… she was way to young! And so cute…

  6. I know…I always expected her to live past age 10…

  7. Hi Beth…Thanks for sending me a special note on PM. I am writing you an email, too, so won’t say much here, except that I know how you feel. We lost Rocky at age 7 as well, in November of ’07. It seems even worse when the pet has not reached an old age. Seven!! In the prime of his life…I am so sorry. Please convey my sympathy to your mom and little sister….God bless you and give you comfort in this time of grieving….Helen

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