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Ok, so yesterday I just had to vent a bit, but now that Election Day has come and gone (praise the Lord!) I can now completely devote my mental energy to my NaNo novel.

Too bad the mental energy isn’t translating into gripping prose…

I seem to be rather down on my novel quite a bit earlier than I was last NaNo. It took me at least until the second week; it’s five days (almost six) into it and I’m already at that point.

I can’t seem to get the thoughts to flow correctly or add up coherently on the page. I’m fairly certain I repeated myself way too much already.Β  That and the story direction keeps changing, so it’s morphing into something that’s hard for even me the author to make sense of.

Whenever critique groups start up again, I am tempted to tell them that I’m scrapping the storyline they initially critiqued and starting over, since it’s already changed so much and they’re going to be utterly confused when they get back into it.

Bah. I hate this; I wish I didn’t feel this way so soon into NaNo. Hoping it will go away fairly quickly and that my prose doesn’t sound as stilted, forced and crappy like it does now. Sigh…

Official word count: 11,569

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling so blah about your novel right now. Hopefully you can figure out what to do with it next to mean you get back into the groove with it – remember you are the writer! Kick those characters into shape πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, don’t worry — I’m going through the exact same thing right now! Somehow instead of writing light, fresh prose, everything I’m typing up seems clunky, dramatic and way too heavy. I’m about 17,000 words in and just not getting pulled into the plot like I was last year. But I’m pushing through it — I’m just going to keep writing — and you keep at it, too! That’s one great thing about NaNo, too: it forces you to keep going when you would otherwise stop. I would have started over a while ago but can’t — I’m determined to get to 50,000 words! I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as you think, and resist that urge to edit… push onward.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

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