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Writing Conferences

I know as a writer aiming for publication that attending a few writing conferences are crucial. However, I’m trying to find the ones that I think would be beneficial for me to consider.

For one, attendance at these conferences are NOT cheap and tend to stretch the budget of a young married couple with a mortgage payment, not to mention the added stress of the economic turmoil the whole country is in. Still, I think it is something that I need to do as a writer–and should be doing before family obligations (like children) come along.

Anyway, I was wondering –have any my regular readers attended a writer’s conference? Are there ones you suggest? I’ve been to one a little over a year ago, though it was rather small (probably no more than 100 in attendance). I learned a great deal from it but I would love to attend more conferences. It stinks though that there seem to be none in the state of Ohio 😛


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  1. fromahouseonbrownave said:

    were you able to try that Method? Let me know if it worked!

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