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The Quest for a Title

I currently have a working title for my novel but I’m really on the hunt for one that is stellar.

Titles give me the biggest headache when trying to think of them πŸ˜› I had a few I came up with but they all sound so…eh.I’m thinking, looking for things in my prose and waiting for the Muse to perhaps bless me with a little gem of one but nothing so far but silence. πŸ˜›

Anyway, what are some of your ways that you come up with a title?

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  1. Kathleen Peacock said:

    “Made You Look” actually came from a pair of panties that I saw in a photograph.

    It just suited what I was trying so perfectly, that I knew that was the right title.

    “Hemlock” (current WiP) is actually the name of the fictional town the story begins in. It started out as the working title, but it’s really growing on me.

  2. ceylanthewriter said:

    When I come up with titles, it usually refers to something in the novel or something that can be inferred. Hope this helps.


  3. For two of my books I had to do major brainstorming sessions to find the right titles. I called my first one Rotten Apples, which was symbolic of so many things. After naming it, I went back in and put a few apples in the narrative for symbolic imagery. Then my second book, Kings & Queens, came easy. The royalty element pops up a lot and my whole plotline is move-for-move, a lot like chess. My third book, which is the sequel to K&Q, is Sapphire Reign. It’s also laced in meaning. My titles always contain more depth then they seem to at first glance.

    Brainstorm your key elements, themes, etc. and I know you’ll come up with a gem.

  4. just sort of pops into my head…

    hmmm… I’ve never pondered this… will give it a think!

  5. Occasionally, very occasionally, I will happen on a title even before the writing begins that I like.

    More often though I never quite figure out a good title, and just have a working title to help me keep track of which story is which.

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