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28 Random Things

I’ve seen this meme all over and I’m finally doing it. A fellow writer friend and blogger Lynda had it on her site and said that those commenting on her entry had to do it 😛 I won’t make the same request, but feel free to take this little meme over on your blog.

28 Random Facts

1. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating stories or wasn’t writing.
2. One of my great-grandmothers gave birth to quadruplets–the first recorded set in Cleveland, Ohio.
3. I have a passion for history and one of my dreams was to become an archeologist.
4. I absolutely HATE driving 😛
5. I grew up Catholic and still attend the Catholic church when I visit my family.
6. I don’t drink coffee or pop but live off of water and juice.
7. I am currently addicted to Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii.
8. My parents met and married in Anchorage, Alaska.
9. I want to travel the world and see places like Japan, the U.K., New Zealand, Australia…and the rest of the U.S. beyond Houston.
10. I hate cooking, but love to bake brownies, cookies and cake–all the stuff that’s bad for you 😛
11. Give me a good anime series any day. There are some really good ones out there, despite what people think.
12. My cat and dog have unique names: our cat is Sata (short for “Serial ATA”, a computer term I still don’t understand…leave it to Phil…lol) and Tato–short for Potato (again. a name courtesy of my hubby–he named him after a dog in an anime)
13. I love to dip my french fries in a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty.
14. Still working on my novel, which has changed names yet again 😛
15. My favorite candy bar is 3 Musketeers–and they are AWESOME chilled in the fridge after 20 minutes.
16. The address of my childhood home was 666 #7.
17. I am deathly afraid of water over my waist. I can’t swim, nor do I want to learn.
18. For a few short months in college, I actually attempted to play World of Warcraft. Then it got too complicated 😛
19. I unfortunately have a weakness for the reality show “America’s Next Top Model.” Yes it’s shallow at times, but it’s interesting to see how much work is put into the photography and modeling.
20. I am a Gilmore Girls addict.
21. I have only been on a plane twice–to and from North carolina when on my honeymoon.
22. The first time I’ve been to Florida was last summer.
23. I am taking violin lessons, though I’m still very much a beginner.
24. Another “addiction”–going to Sephora and roaming the aisles looking at all the moderately expensive makeup.
25. I am a movie junkie, at least when it comes to romantic and romantic comedies
(yes I’m very much a “chick flick” kind of girl)
26. Even though I love to read, I’ve discovered I’ve become quite picky and often won’t finish a book.
27. Almost every night before bed, I have a bowl of cereal.
28. I often talk to myself when I’m alone 😛


Comments on: "28 Random Things" (2)

  1. I used to LOVE dipping my fries in my frosty. We went to Wendys on Saturday night and my daughter was doing it then.

    Great answers, Dara! Thanks for playing along!

  2. oh this was fabulous!! I used to dip toast in chocolate milk… not quite fries in a shake, but mmmhmmmm….

    quite fascinating about your great-gran… now that’s a lot of babies! 🙂

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