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Once, not so long ago, I was an active participant in the weekly writing challenges over at FaithWriters. When I started out back in college, the top eight entries ranked by the judges were published in a quarterly anthology. It has since been modified to the top ten because of the number of entries.

My first entry I ever submitted was placed in an anthology of theirs. I wrote on and off for the next few years until just before I got married over a year ago. (It’s been about 17 months actually–since August of 2007).

And I’ve been dry ever since. Possibly it’s because I’ve been devoting all of my creative juices to my novel. And then there’s the laziness factor…

But now, the topic for this quarter seems to be places around the world–the first one being the U.S.A. It’s a fairly broad topic, which is nice–but this whole quarter is going to be appealing to my love of cultures around the world!

 I spent almost three hours last night writing the story, which can only be 750 words maximum (it ended up being within ten words of that, lol). It’s incredibly difficult to write a story that short, but it’s done–and I only had to pare down about 150 words or so. The story isn’t a winner by far, but it felt good to write for the challenge again.

Here’s to writing!


Comments on: "Finally!" (2)

  1. Keep on writing and keep positive!


  2. How’s the novel progress?

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