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I should be working diligently to finish Promise of the Plum Blossom, but yesterday I was assaulted by another idea for a completely different historical fiction piece.

And I quite literally mean assaulted.

The story and the characters would just not quiet down until I wrote out the 3 page summary. I couldn’t focus on anything else until it was written–I completely became absorbed into that world. The voices silenced themselves to more of a hum or whisper, content that their story wouldn’t be forgotten or put away in the cluttered closets of my mind.

This unnamed work is another historical piece, but it’s more along the lines of historical romance as compared to what I’m writing now, where the romance is only a minor sidestory. It currently takes place right before, during, and after the American Revolution, though the war won’t be a huge part of it (at least not that I have planned).The idea wasn’t completely new; it was one that I had come up with a few years ago during college, but put aside as I started working Promise. The main story is fairly different from those old Word doc summaries, but the romance factor is still the main element and the characters are the same.

Obviously there’s a great deal that will probably change, as is always the case, but I have the basics/backbone there when I do get to go to it. And of course now I can focus back on my other novel without the other characters trying to butt in (at least for now). And now there’s something there to work on while I’m submitting Promise and/or waiting for that one to be published.

So, I’m curious–does this happen to many other writers out there? Does another story idea develop while in the midst of writing another?


Comments on: "A Writer’s Mind Never Stops" (6)

  1. First of all…”Plum Blossom”? When did that change? Or should I know that…?

    Secondly, I know I’ve already commented on this a bit via Facebook, but I’ll say a little more here: That happens to me more often than not. Any story I come up with that can’t be written in a single day runs the risk of being interrupted by a seemingly more desirable one (I must have writer’s A.D.D. or something). I should show you my notebooks at some point…I probably have at least a dozen short stories that were started and never finished, and another dozen ideas that were scribbled down and never returned to (yet). Even during NaNoWriMo, I initially wanted to work on my first novel, but the second one stomped its way to the front of the line…only for me to become more interested in my original novel by the end of the month. It’s a miracle that I made the word count. 😛

    So I guess the short answer would be, yes, other story ideas constantly come to mind while I’m writing. Sometimes they can be hushed, and other times…well………..

  2. oh YEAH!!! what I wrote at the beginning of this month may turn into a small series, the two subsequent parts assaulting me heavily…

    can’t do anything but think them out, even when trying to do other things… 🙂

    but it’s cool too, in that our brains are still chugging along. I take it as a good thing! hee hee…

  3. All the time. I’m like a magpie distracted by all the shiny things…

  4. I love it when a new idea comes along. It refreshes the writing process and allows you go to back to the old stuff with new vigor.

  5. Happens to me all the time, something I have mentioned more than once on my blog. There I am, minding my own business and BAM, a new idea muscles in. Its why I have literally dozens of stories in various stages and nothing complete.

    Also explains why at the moment I have something like a half dozen short stories and a few novels all being worked on at once. I know I should concentrate on just one, but the stories just won’t let me…

  6. All the time. I tend to get several ideas while writing on one project, but normally by the time I’m finished with my current WIP I have the next one ready to go – if not more than one.

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