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I will not finish this first draft unless I close myself away in my study for a day.


That’s the only way I’ll be able to focus.

It’s tempting to take a personal day off from work to get this done. But alas, I’m a good girl and will not do that (and we really need the money…).

The only other option is to do it on Saturday. And this Saturday preferably. It would be a good time because my hubby has a friend coming down to stay. They will most likely play video games all day (a.k.a. World of Warcraft). The only thing I’m concerned about is the puppy. I don’t want him stuck in his crate all day. Perhaps if I tell my husband I’m locking myself in the study to get my book finished, he’ll watch the puppy. 🙂

I think I’m a day’s work away from being done. Now who knows how much my attention span will be able to last. Normally I can write 3 hours at a time before my mind starts to wander and it becomes hard to focus on anything and my writing becomes equivalent to that of an average ten-year-old.

Now, if I close myself away, I’ll still only be able to work three hours at a time, but if I look at it like that’s my job and I have a deadline to meet (at least for the day), it’s possible to finish. Or come really close.

Has anyone closed themselves off from the world to get their writing done? If so, for how long? And how do you keep yourself focused in this time?


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  1. one day last summer, I REALLY wanted to finish the book at hand. basically I did what you are planning to do, and my lovely family cooperated.

    I did 19K (yes, 19K) in a day, and finished the manuscript!

    it took… great patience from my hubby and kids, time taken because I had too many errors (I am a HORRIBLE typist!) so I had to literally stop and click to remove red squiggles, eating dinner while doing THAT, then back squirreled away, until 9 or so at night.

    the words just would not stop, and I was so sick of the story, it had to end that day.

    it a matter of mind over matter, so to speak. if Saturday is your one day and your hubby will puppy-sit, you’re a go! my prayers for concentration and words are send your way… 🙂

  2. I’m at that point too–I’m getting sick of the story and really just want it all out on paper. I just want to get to the editing process so I can focus my energy on that.

  3. I keep trying to do a sit down and just write all day straight for weeks, but there seems to be a general conspiracy to deny me it. Hence the lack of as much progress as I would have desired.

  4. I’ve often spent entire weekends on my writing. Hubby and I don’t have any kids or pets, (though I definitely want the latter) so I don’t have the distractions most others do.

    It might help you to do some meditation/concentration exercises before you start.

    Good luck!

  5. Do it, it’ll feel good when it’s all done.

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