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It’s Decided

This Saturday, the 7th, I’m locking myself away in my study and attempting to finish my first draft of Promise of the Plum Blossom. I decided I need to commit to finishing this, and though I was hesitant about locking myself away, it’s something that’s necessary. It sounds like it’s worked for plenty of other writers, so I figure I should try it myself.

The ultimate goal is to finish the first draft on Saturday, though I’m not sure if I’ll get quite that far before my attention wanes. If anything I’ll be much closer, especially if I commit myself to doing this one day a week until it’s finished.

My hubby already said I’m only allowed out for necessities (eating, bathroom, etc). 😛 So I’m glad he’ll be making sure I stick this through.

I’ll post my progress at the end of Saturday.


Comments on: "It’s Decided" (1)

  1. sounds like you have a GREAT hubby!!! 🙂

    as for the following post, yeah, too much info. as a mum, just knowing I can ring/text my kids is enough…

    will be thinking of you on Saturday… prayers for the words to TUMBLE… hee hee…

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