My journey through the world of writing and everything that lies in between…

I’d say today managed to be fairly productive. 🙂

I started at around 1 or so and stopped just now at 6:00. Official count of words written today: 5,208.

I took a break or so every time I wrote a chapter (a break meaning 5 or 10 minutes). One of those breaks ended up being 20 minutes as I wrote brief summaries for the end of the book. It goes up to Chapter 70.

I really wish I could have gotten ten chapters done; then I’d only have 10  more to go.

Currently, I just finished Chapter 54 (wrote Chapter 50, 51, 52, 53, and 54 today) and since I’m thinking the ending won’t be until 70, I still have about 16 chapters to write. Gah. I seriously thought I had less than that. Oh well.

If I focus more on it, I could have this finished in two weeks.

I figure the only way to get it done is tell myself a few days ahead of time that I’m locking myself away for a certain period of time. It prepares my psyche for it, as odd as that sounds. I had been “preparing” all week, so it came a lot easier than had I not planned it (my unplanned writing sessions generally only last an hour or two and maybe I get two chapters written in that time).

Of course most of what was written was utter dreck, but there were some good parts in there (like the scene when the antagonist is forcing my MC to eat because she had initially refused to). I find that the dialogue comes easily but that the “stage directions” and descriptive parts don’t 😛 Oh well that’s what the editing process is for.

Well I’m off to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. I feel great about getting this done!


Comments on: "Five Chapters, Over 5,000 Words" (9)

  1. “I find that the dialogue comes easily but that the ‘stage directions’ and descriptive parts don’t.”

    …Yeah, that’s usually how things work for me, too.

    Good job on getting so much accomplished, though! It makes me a little jealous…hehe.

  2. excellent!!! that’s great… 🙂

  3. 70 chapters, wow, that’s amazing. Good job. Keep writing.

  4. Five chapters. Over 5,000 words. That’s great, Dara. 🙂

    I do find planning ahead of time for long sessions does indeed help. By now my psyche knows what to expect on weekends.

  5. OH MY Gosh!!! I’m so jealous! Go you! That’s awesome that you just sat down and wrote. If you have the discipline to do that, then I think you’ll go far in this biz. Wow.
    So was your brain fried the next day? Or were you able to write some more?

  6. Thanks for stopping in my blog. 70 chapters? How many words is it?

  7. I struggled with writing a little over 1,000 words today. My hat off to you for achieving a 5,000 word count.

  8. I’ve been told by a big publishing house to keep it under 100,000. Something to keep in mind.

  9. 5,000 words in just 4-5 hours! Amazing. I wish that I had skill like you. What is your highest word count for a single day? Wishing you all the best.

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