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Are You Organized?

Just a little question I wanted to pose to all out there.

I know I personally fall somewhere in between the bottom 2 😛 Currently my study reflects number 4 and the rest of the house fares a little better…but not much.

My mom would shake her head in shame to see my study now. She is the definition of organized and clean.

Methinks it’s time for some early spring cleaning. What better time to start than before the family comes down to visit this Saturday?


Comments on: "Are You Organized?" (1)

  1. Eh…I probably fall between the second and third options. I almost always have small piles of clutter hanging around. At home, it’s due to laziness; at school, it’s due to lack of space. 😛

    But at the same time, everything has it’s designated space (especially when I’m at school). Sometimes those designated spaces just *happen* to be piles of books on my desk.

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