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A new contest held over at literary agent Colleen Lindsay’s blog challenges you to write your query in haiku format.

That’s right: the traditional five-seven-five syllable pattern.

I have to admit I love these contests even though my attempts are pretty poor at best. But it’s still fun to take part and strech the mind muscles a bit.

The winner gets a query critique. The deadline is Friday. More details are on her blog.

Anyway, just give it a try, even if your query isn’t really ready yet (mine is just a scattering of things put together, so if by God’s sense of humor I win, I’ll really have to work at editing it). It’s a fun exercise and really interesting to read all the other entries.

Here’s my poor attempt 😛

She of two cultures
Past shadowed in secrecy
True terror unknown

Comments on: "Another Contest Courtesy of The Swivet" (5)

  1. Hey Dara! : )

    A friend told me about this contest last night, and after I posted my Haiku there, I read all the others. I saw “Dara” checked the link — I knew it was you!

    And really, your Haiku is *AWESOME*. You have a real ability in your writing, obviously in all forms, to capture the emotions/feelings in that world.

    It’s an amazing ability.

    Go you!

    I posted mine, too, with my breakfast rising in chunks, lol:

    Death nabs the wrong girl
    loose ends tie in knots, not bows
    go home again, ghost.


  2. Tons of good luck to both of you!

    They’re both fantastic. 🙂

  3. Hey Dara —

    Do you know what happened to this contest?

    I thought she was going to post the top on her blog last week?

    Oh well. I guess she must be swamped.


  4. “the top 10”, that should read above.

    Em : )

  5. Thanks for the luck, Tasha!

    Dara — I read on her twitter yesterday (Saturday) that she was finally sorting through the query haiku entries.

    She said there was a large amount of writers that had gotten the syllable count wrong, which was disappointing to her because some were really good.


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