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That pretty much sums up my mood right now.

It seems like all the little insignificant things in life that aren’t panning through are building up inside me and just overall making me irritated.

I think the final straw was when my dad called and said that he and mom wouldn’t make it down to visit this weekend because of a predicted snowstorm. This of course comes after two weeks of above average temperatures and rain.

Of course it has to happen on the one day my parents planned to visit. ARGH. I hate Ohio weather.

That’s on top of the whole violin lesson thing…my teacher, who was absolutely amazing, is unable to continue teaching me and the others on Saturdays because of other things in life. I completely understand, but it would have to happen after I finally felt a little bit confident in my playing and after forming a friendship with the teacher. Now I get to start the whole awkward process of meeting a teacher again and wonder if she and I will click or clash.

And then there’s other myriad of things: commitments to church and family, which I love, but are just all adding up right now, and then my irritation at work.

ARGH. Can I go crawl under the bed covers now?


Comments on: "Bitter" (4)

  1. Wow, there must be something in the air. Seriously. I was super grumpy yesterday and the day before. I really just wanted to scream and hide on my couch. I’m much better today but I can totally sympathize. Things will look up. đŸ™‚
    So you take violin lessons? How cool is that? With the economy the way it is, I bet someone else would give some lessons.
    Good luck!

  2. I hate when things aren’t going right. I felt that way last night thinking things couldn’t get worse and now I’m looking at all three of my children sitting in the living room with buckets in their laps.

  3. Dara, I can relate to the Ohio weather thing. When WILL we get a break?! I am seriously sick of snow and ice and temperatures barely above zero. Wish I could send you a steaming hot mug of cocoa to warm you…but here’s a consolation: winter is on it’s last legs. Hoorah!

  4. yeah, I think a good lie-in is called for.

    sometimes life is… not exactly cream and sugar. thinking of you…

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