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Another Critique Day!

Another chapter of mine is up for critique tonight.

Even though I’ve gone through this at least a half a dozen times or more, I still get tense about it 😛 I know it’s necessary but it’s hard to watch my “baby” be critiqued. At least it’s easier now than it was the first few times.

I always re-read my chapter before I submit it (it takes me a few days to make some rough edits to the chapter). Still, I always manage to miss something. I was going over it again today (I read it once more before my session) and there are so many things I caught this time around that I didn’t before.

Sigh. I suppose it’s always that way on the writer’s end. You never can catch everything, and if you do, something else is bound to turn up.

I’m wondering what comments I’ll get tonight? I can guess a few of them, probably the main one being why am I describing the family trade when it throws the reader out of the story (which I think may be a possibility) and why am I having yet another tense interaction between my MC and one of her guardians (future love interest of course). I guess time will tell! At least I’m not the only one in the “hot seat” tonight; I always feel better when another person has a chapter being critiqued the same day.

I also figure I must be doing something right, because they never spend more than fifteen minutes on mine, when on others, we end up spending 45 minutes to an hour going over it. Most things they find on mine are grammatical, and despite being an English major in college, grammar is still a stumbling block for me. That and not showing enough (but that mainly has to do with it being a rough draft and I’m rushing through just to get the story on paper, er…on the computer :P)

I also find it funny that no one is able to pronounce the names, even after I’ve told them how. True, they are Japanese names, and I’m probably even pronouncing them wrong or at least “Westernized” but they are a lot easier than some of the names that abound in the world of fantasy (every writer in my group is working on a fantasy book; I am the only one who isn’t). Oh well. I just hope the names don’t affect the ability for me to get this published.

Well that’s enough rambling for today!


Comments on: "Another Critique Day!" (3)

  1. I can’t decide if critiquing gets easier or harder. Maybe it depends who it comes from.

  2. I think critiquing usually gets easier, especially if you’re writing a new wip while they crit an old one.
    Anyways, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s never perfect. There’s always something someone will point out, and sometimes one person will love something and someone else will hate it.
    I hope you have a good time tonight! 🙂

  3. Hello Dara! I got here from AW. Just noticed that you are writing about Japan (mostly I’m lurking at the Historical Fiction forum), and your book premise really sounds interesting. You mentioned Japanese names of your characters, so I thought I’d ask: where does your MC’s name (Kaiyo) come from? It sounds more like a surname, I’ve never come across anything similar.


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