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Name Change

It looks like I may have to change the name of my MC in my book.

Apparently, it’s not accurate to the language. That’ll teach me to ever trust any name website 😛 I remember when I first went searching for a name, I looked to see if there were other sites that had the same on it. They did, but apparently they must have copied off of one another for they were all wrong.

This is why I should stick to keeping my stories set in an English speaking country 😛

Anyway I am really grateful to the writer who pointed this out to me (they currently live in Tokyo and have for some time). I’d much rather get the name changed now than have it historically and culturally inaccurate.

I did ask my other friend who speaks Japanese what she thinks, but I am still waiting for a response. It’s going to be difficult to see my MC as anything other than Kaiyo, but I am sure I can do it.

I have a few names that could be possible. I am leaning towards just giving her a standard Victorian era name since her mother was American and it would be more likely that she has a Western name. Some of the ones I thought about were: Eliza, Rose and Naomi. The last one would be a good name because that’s also a name that is Japanese as well. I’m not sure which fits her best though, if any at all.

Sigh. It’s a bit frustrating, but I’m sure there will be many more moments like this in the course of writing and editing this book.

Comments on: "Name Change" (5)

  1. I really admire anyone who has the patience and work ethic to write historical fiction. I love reading it and tried writing it once. I might try again, somewhere down the road.

  2. Wow, that has to be a little tough. The characters become so real as who they are, including their names.

    However, I really admire how much of a stickler you are for accuracy, and your integrity when it comes to your work.

    I can’t wait to hear which name you choose!


  3. such is the life of a writer… 🙂 but yes, good that it’s caught now, and it will be fun to hear which name you decide…

  4. That stinks, but it’s better to find this out now, right? LOL Maybe you can get something close to Kaiyo?

  5. Probably not 😛 I’ve decided I’ll name her something more Western so as not to hit this error again.

    I think I may have decided on her new name though.

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