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Trying to be Positive

Being optimistic about things is hard for me. Unfortunately I tend to be pessimistic and cynical by nature, although not nearly as much as I once was (thankfully!).

Anyway, I am trying my best to apply this to my writing. If I focus too much on the negative, it takes the desire away. And I don’t want that to happen!

Of course there are times when I may be too frustrated or upset about continuing my book. For example, the whole name change thing was highly discouraging, but I wanted desperately to fix it and focused on that. I believe I may have decided on Kaiyo’s new name: it will be Naomi. I think it’s a good representation of my character; not only was it a common enough name used in Victorian times, but I’ve also heard it’s a Japanese name as well. So what better name to choose for my character who is part of two cultures? It may not mean “forgiveness” like I wanted, but that’s ok; I believe the story is going in a slightly different direction.

Another frustrating moment came yesterday when I began thinking about the actual story catalyst. I couldn’t quite figure how to word a short blurb about it, and that made me think that there’s a great deal of re-focusing to do. I then decided to try and edit my chapter that’s up for critique soon (I need to have it posted by next Thursday) and I realized I pretty much have to write the entire chapter again. Not a big deal though; I’ve had to do that for the past three. Oh well; it was written during NaNo last year; I’m certain most are going to need to be re-done.

I’m not giving up though. I’ve invested too much time in this story to be deterred or to trunk it. I just have to keep the creative juices flowing and hope that it will all be cohesive at some point.


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  1. Hey Dara,

    If it’s any consolation at all, remember that we all go through this. I can’t even remember what number revision I’m on. Through it, there’s been so many ups and downs. One thing that has helped me is to fully accept the fact that there will always be those frustrating down times, when it feels like a hollow victory just getting one darn paragraph right. Rather than try to beat it, I just “endure”- even if that means writing crap over and over again until I get it right.

    btw, I like the name, Naomi.

  2. I am currently waiting for the first proof from my editor and I worry that there will be an abundance of changes. But more than that, I wonder if I’ll be asked to redo something that will change the idea I had for the book. The way it will appear to readers. Like you said, though, we have to remain optimistic. Especially if it will, in the long run, be a truer and more polished representation of our work. Good luck!

  3. thelittleredwriter said:

    Good luck with all the rewriting! (Anyone who tells someone that writing doesn’t involve rewriting and rewriting and reworking is drunk.) And Naomi’s a nice name.

  4. Nice post, thanks!

  5. gypsyscarlett is right. I’m revising my third manuscript right now and feeling very annoyed with my story and my writing skills. The feeling will pass. Just keep on and soon you’ll come again to that happy place where you LOVE your story and know exactly what you want to write. These bad feelings come in phases, I’ve learned. Hang in there, girl! You can do it. 🙂

  6. jeannielin said:

    Everytime you revise, the story gets better. That’s what I tell myself to drag myself over the pain of polishing — yet again. And no matter what, it has to be true.

    Happy writing on your edits and hopefully the name change will bring about a new energy

  7. It’ll be okay. You need to be attached to write a good story, but sometimes these technical obstacles pop up and you have to let go.

    My MC was 19 yrs old, and during crit of my query, they broke the news that the story sounded young for my MC’s age. So, after careful thought, I changed her from 19 to 15 yrs old. It was hard, but they were right.

    Also, I just found out the younger version of the MC’s sister, 7, will now need to be 6, to have the missing teeth she has. So, now she’s 6.

    We have to let go at some point — sometimes the story decides itself. : )


  8. Dee Yoder said:

    Yes, that is one of the most frustrating moments in writing: changing and revising. It stinks, but oh, so good in the end when we get to see a fresh and whole work. You’re doing great! One day, I’ll be holding your book in my hand–I have NO doubts about that!

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