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I feel sick…

Seriously. And I feel as if my conscience has been seared.

What brings this about? Well, Phil and I went to go see the movie Watchmen for his birthday.

We ended up leaving during the movie, and leaving much later than we should have.

Not only was it unnecessarily graphic, but it was pornographic. Way too many detailed scenes of that and it made me feel dirty, disgusted and violated. Seriously, those scenes had NOTHING to do with the plot progression of the movie. Honestly what have we come to that nudity and the act of sex is permissible to be shown on theater screens nationwide? What have we come to that it’s something everyone is craving to see?

The movie is supposed to show the depravity of human nature. Well, it did that. Too well; too much. I have seriously NEVER felt as morally corrupt as I do now. God, forgive me for staying as long as I did…

Oh and not to mention this man two seats over from me literally busted out into hysterical laughter during the gruesome scenes of people being maimed and tortured. I think that is what disturbed me the most…

Anyway, that’s how this movie made me feel. And I’m betting I won’t be sleeping easily tonight.


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  1. I haven’t seen this movie, only heard it’s been well reviewed.

    having said that, I know the feeling of being in a theater, wishing I was anywhere else. seeing images that were disturbing to me, yet others felt differently.

    it’s strange what, as individuals, we can process, and what turns each of us away. I’m sorry you had such an awful experience, because that feeling does take time to fade.

    sending calm, peaceful prayers your way…

  2. Thank you!

    I feel a little better this morning. I think it helped that I watched something girly when I came home and it purged some of it from my brain.

  3. We are becoming too calloused as a society where going to things like that don’t bother people. Thanks for the review. I think I’ll avoid the movie.

  4. Thank you! I almost went, and now I’m really glad I read your post!

  5. Brightin said:

    My 17 yr old daughter was counting the days to see this movie. Being a comic book fan she thought it would be entertaining. I also left the movie disgusted after the pregnant woman was killed. I have been convicted that I did not pull my strong willed daughter out with me. I was and have been too weak to fight her and have caved in too many times. There have been several other issues that have been devastating to our family in recent years and I have not mothered this child the way I should. Now, I am faced with the responsibility of her lost soul.
    Would anyone pray for us? For Aimee? We really need it.

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