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I’m much feeling much better from the movie fiasco of Friday night. I realized that it wasn’t my fault, as I was unable to find much (if any) indication of the graphic nature of the movie online (I knew of the violence factor but definitely did not expect the explicit sexuality in the movie). It’s done and in the past; lesson’s been learned, hopefully.

Anyway, random transition time. I got to see my parents and sister on Saturday. They came down just for the day. It went by too quick, as it always does. I wish we weren’t three hours apart, but it could be much more, so I’m blessed that they are within a drive at least.

Phil is going on a business trip from Wednesday through Saturday; his flight is scheduled back around noon on Saturday. He’s heading out to Virginia. I can’t help by find myself a little envious with his job sending him on trips. The last trip he went on was back in November for nearly two weeks to Seattle. I’ve always wanted to travel; alas, being a real estate secretary does not offer much in that aspect (except to drive to meetings occassionally…). I keep wanting to save money for  travel, to anywhere really, but that never happens. Oh well…

Argh. My silly work phone is acting buggy. I can’t access the voicemail and I have like 20 messages from over the weekend. I already alerted someone but I’ve gotten no response. Talk about frustrating.

Well that’s about it for this random entry.

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  1. Aren’t Monday’s great.

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