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Happier Thoughts

After the ranting and negativity of agentfail#, agent Rachelle has asked writers and agents to share what they’re happy about. Also, agent Jessica Faust has posted authorpass and agentpass day, where she encourages others to share what makes them happy about working with agents (or working with authors if you’re an agent or editor).

Anyway, I’m still pushing forward in my first draft, even though I didn’t really have much opportunity yesterday to write. I did manage to do a very brief edit for my chapter for critique next week. I’m fully prepared for it to be torn to shreds next week and I’m welcoming it!

I’m grateful that today is Friday and that tomorrow is just an average Saturday–one where there is absolutely NOTHING planned! So grateful for that, since next weekend is the short notice wedding and the following one I have a writer’s conference I’m attending in Cincinnati. I’m really just looking forward to a lazy day, perhaps maybe a little shopping excursion to Kohl’s for some shorts for the approaching summer, but nothing major 🙂

That’s it from my end; have a great weekend!


Comments on: "Happier Thoughts" (2)

  1. Enjoy your lazy day. I’m looking forward to being home all day tomorrow too.

  2. Anne (aka stormie on AW) said:

    Thanks for the links! And I didn’t know there was such negative backlash to agentfail #. I kind of enjoyed reading it that day.

    Great blog!

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