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Writer’s Conferences

Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn (literally), I will be heading to a writer’s conference in Hamilton, Ohio. It starts at 8 a.m. and since it’s an hour drive there (or more, if I get lost :P) I figure I ought to be leaving by no later than 6:30.

Anyway, the main focus of the conference is crime and mystery writing, but there are a lot of workshops that are geared towards other genres and aspects of writing. Since I’ve only been to once writer’s conference thus far, and this one was only an hour away, I figured I ought to go for it. Most conferences are too far away and too expensive to consider, so I pretty much jumped at the chance to go. I’m hoping it ends up being worth the money.

I’m not really sure what to bring (save for my notebook and folder). I’m not meeting with any agents as my ms is FAR from being finished. I don’t even think I have a decent enough 10 or 15 second pitch to tell other fellow writers what my book is about 😛 Oh well–it’ll hopefully be a good learning experience.

I’m really hoping I don’t get terribly lost going there. I have my GPS and I printed off directions for backup (and looked at maps too to figure out the best way) but I’m still nervous since I’ve never been to Hamilton and have no clue where on the MUH campus the conference center is located. Hopefully, they will have signs!

I am excited about it, although not thrilled about getting up so early and getting back after dinner. 😛 I’m definitely NOT a morning person.

Anyway, are there any writer’s conferences you’ve attended? Are there ones you want to go to? Let me know!


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  1. I went to the Chattanooga Southern Writers Conference a couple weeks ago. Had a lot of fun and learned a bunch. I put up a few posts on my blog:

  2. I desperately want to go to another writing conference. I did attend one a few years ago and it was wonderful, though I was like you with no finished manuscript or pitch. Still, I had a blast. Lucky you!
    Have a wonderful time! Post about it when you get back too. 🙂

  3. no conferences for me on the horizon, but I’m keen to hear how this goes!

    have fun…

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