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Two Novels at Once

For the longest time, I only worked on my historical novel, Promise of the Plum Blossom*.  For at least two years I’ve focused solely on writing and researching that novel.

And suddenly, this new story, Lady of the Snow* , just popped up.

The last week or two I’ve solely focused on the latter, neglecting my first one. It’s times like this where I know I have what I call “Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder,” meaning I’ve lost focus on the book I should be trying to finish.  I should be aiming to finish Promise and I do wonder if this is another subconscious way of procrastinating yet again on that one.

But then I think this Writer’s ADD is something that I shouldn’t be fighting. I mean, if the ideas and inspiration are coming for Lady of the Snow, I should focus on that now. Right? Otherwise what fragments of ideas may be lost.

 I  think I should embrace this new idea for a little while as I rejuvenate the desire for Promise again. It’ll always be there to work on when I feel the creative juices flowing slower with this new one. And vice versa.

Perhaps this two novels at once is better than I originally thought 🙂

Do you work on more than one project or novel at a time?

*Working titles only; will most likely change.


Comments on: "Two Novels at Once" (11)

  1. I write one book at a time, but then all bets are off, editing whatever feels right at the time.

    sometimes manuscripts need to be laid aside, or else the sense of frustration is hard to overcome. if you’ve got it in the tank to work on this new idea, I say do it!

    ABNA is a great contest, and a few of the quarterfinal entries were manuscripts written in November during NANO, then edited for submission two months later…

    you never know what can happen! mine was written in September of ’08, so it’s possible!! 🙂

  2. Sometimes, if one is a wip and I’m editing the other, I’ll work on two.
    If you feel inspired to write this new one, then write away. 🙂 There’s no fixed, set way to write a book. Your titles are great, btw.

  3. I have a one track mind. Whenever I’ve tried to switch around, I can tell the energy is all disjointed. At some point I’ll need to learn how to multitask.

  4. I focus on writing just one thing at a time, though I do dabble in editing/rewrites while I work on a first draft. I find that otherwise I get sidetracked and worry that I’ll never regain interest in the original WIP if I set it aside.
    A lot of people seem to be able to work on multiple things at the same time though, so no harm in seeing if it works for you 🙂

  5. I find that it refreshes me in many ways to change course for a while. Just don’t leave the other for so long that you never get back to it (like someone very close to me. . . . )

  6. I always work on one project at a time. I will jot down ideas or lines of dialogue that pop into my head for another project, but that’s it.

    A lot of people enjoy working on various projects. Give it a try if you wish. It can’t hurt. 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the supportive comments! 🙂

  8. I try to work on one at a time or else i find i don’t get much done on either, but sometimes when i’m feeling stuck I go to something else.

  9. I believe I read somewhere that Mark Twain said he hopped around from story to story at different points of development.

    As I recall, he said he wrote while the writing came, and if inspiration struck for another story while the one he was on seemed to idle, he’d switch tracks to ride the inspiration winds. He originally felt he was maybe doing it wrong – *smile* – but ultimately felt that’s how he worked best.

    So take that! 🙂

  10. I was reminded of this post again last night reading a quote by Neil Gaiman, who said his rule is ALWAYS to be working on more than one thing. It brought vitality to everything.

    And I reckon the man’s making his living in the creative field, so… 🙂

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