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I am hoping to spend some time this weekend writing a loose chapter summary for Lady of the Snow.

I say “loose” because when I actually do start writing, I generally veer off from said guideline in some way. But it helps me organize my thoughts and see where I’m trying to go. I can see plot holes better this way too.

I wish I could be the “just jump in and write” type but I find that I encounter more walls that way and it becomes a rambling mess. Well, most of my first drafts are a rambling mess anyway, but it becomes less so if I attempt to draw up a story map of sorts.

On another note, I just realized that I’m supposed to submit something from my other novel for critique by Thursday. Actually it was supposed to be this past Thursday (ha!) 😛 I’m wondering if I should tell the group that I need time to re-focus on other things (namely the new project) because my heart just isn’t in the other one at this point. I feel like I wouldn’t be gaining as much from the critique. I still want to be part of the sessions but we’re supposed to be actively posting to be part of the group. So…I don’t know, something I’m going to have to think about this weekend.

Maybe as I’m working on this new book I can submit chapters. I don’t know…I really don’t want to leave the group; our numbers are already dwindling as it is and I’ve gained friends there too.

Sigh. I wish I could just focus on something. I bet this is one reason why many writers never do get published–lack of focus!

Comments on: "Novel Plotting & Lack of Focus" (10)

  1. Keep going Dara – never stop – you will get there! :o)

  2. Why would it matter which chapter you post? 🙂 It will probably be fine. I wish I could tell you to focus, but I’m having trouble with that myself. 😦

  3. I’m not. FOCUS!!!!

  4. It shouldn’t matter what book I post a chapter from but it may throw them off a bit–and I’ll hear about it from them 😛 LOL.

  5. I belong to a crit group that I love to pieces. Even if I post something that’s not my absolute focus at the time, just the process of being part of the group is what really helps me.

  6. Focus, what’s that?

  7. Caitlynn said:

    Oh…”focus”…so THAT’s what I’ve been missing all this time…

    Eh, if you can submit chapters from your new novel, then I’d say just do that. If you push yourself too much with your other novel, you might actually start to resent it. And lately, I’ve just been settling for writing whatever I feel like I can manage, even though I really should be working on revising my novel.

    Then again, I haven’t really gotten anything extremely worthwhile out of doing that, so…maybe you shouldn’t take my advice, after all. 😛

  8. Oh…”focus”…so THAT’s what I’ve been missing all this time…

    It was in response to : I wish I could tell you to focus, but I’m having trouble with that myself. 😦

    If you have some sort of issue with me, then by all means…get it off of your mind.

    Anyway, I know how you feel. I’m not one of those writers that can just jump in and start writing all the time. I know it may sound a bit trivial, but I always reread a chapter I had previously written, refer to my notes, and then go at it.

  9. Caitlynn said:

    Sorry, I was actually just replying to Dara’s original post about “focusing,” not to your comment specifically…I didn’t realize that what I wrote was misleading like that. I only wanted to joke around, since I have trouble focusing so much, too. >_<

    So…no issues here. 🙂

  10. LoL, My apologies. It appears to have been a misunderstanding on my part. Sometimes after work, my brain goes kerplunk! No worries. I’ll try not to “Focus” on such trivial things… eh, oh…. sigh.

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