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Changing Point of View

Initially I was going to write Lady of the Snow in first person. I thought that would be the best way to write the book since it’s about her.

But recently I decided to see what third person would be like, since that’s what I write in most often, and I found I liked it. A lot.

With third person, I’d add a few other viewpoint characters–two in the first segment and two in the second (not counting the obvious one of Miyuki). I think I may have an easier time hitting the word count goal I’ve set for myself that way as well as having a few minor subplots. The first person one didn’t really give me all that much room to work with in the subplot area.

Anyway it’s still not a decision I’ve made for certain, but I know I’m more comfortable with writing in third person. Not that I should always stick with what’s comfortable but perhaps this will be best for the story.

I don’t know 😛 Guess I’ll write a few chapters in third and perhaps in first and then see which one fits best!

So, which POV do you employ most when writing? First or third person? Which do you prefer reading?

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  1. xxhawkeyexx said:

    I enjoy reading both points of view, but I like writing in first person, since I’m able to get into the character, since I’m the author, I know how the character feels and I’m able to put in into paper. I think that stories in which the actual character says what she/he feels is able to get the reader to understand the character, giving some sort of stronger impact.
    I must say, both of them have their pros and cons, but, if it were me, I would write in first and third person. For example, from chapter 1-6 on first person and from 7-8 on third, then continue with the first person.
    So it’s up to you, whatever suits you or makes you feel comfortable is okay.
    Take care and good luck,

  2. It really depends on the story, sometimes third fits better, sometimes first. I mostly write in third, but have really enjoyed the times when I’ve written in first as well, I think more of my stories lend themselves to third though.
    As for reading, I enjoy them equally 🙂

  3. I don’t mind reading any POV, as long as the story/characters pull me in. 🙂 But for writing, definitely 3rd. I really struggle with first.
    Have fun experimenting! Also, this has been done, you could write her in first and write others in third. Up to you, but you could do it that way if you wanted. 😉

  4. I agree with the idea of doing what the story calls for, but the editors will tell you, first is a hard sell. Most readers don’t seem to get into it. Go figure.

    • It’s hard for me as a writer to get into it. I feel like I identify with my character more in third. 😛 Which makes no sense to me, but as you say, go figure!

      I changed my segments to third person and I think it flows better. But I guess I’ll see once I submit it for the critique group; I’m hoping to finish it sometime in the next couple of days.

      • I’m so late on this thread but reading this made me think… Maybe it’s because we see others more clearly than they see themselvs or ourselves for that matter… So by using third person we can feel safer expressing more fully what the character is thinking/feeling. I am currently caught in the internal great debate “I am or she was”…

  5. I prefer third. I tried writing in first and it felt too personal to me.

  6. I prefer third both for writing and reading, but you can’t beat To Kill A Mockingbird; Scout’s voice is so perfect!

  7. I prefer to write in subjective third–very closely–which almost has the feel and intensity of First, just without the perspective of I. I tinkered with First with my experimental WIP and I really like it for that book. It depends on the work really. Since that MC has been raped, her perky voice is needed to lift the content so it’s not so heavy. With First, having a vivid, engaging voice is vitally important, and a lot of writers don’t grasp that. They think they can just tell the same story with “I” instead of “she”, and that it will come out the same just closer. But without a gripping voice, it won’t ring true and will instead read flat and lifeless

  8. Go for second person! It’s always a great twist. Read stories by Lorrie Moore in second-person POV. Really packs a punch!

  9. I usually prefer to read and write in 3rd. Seems like all the YA I read before my tween does is in 1st these days. Good luck with the Lady in the Snow, I’ve really enjoyed the excerpts so far from it.

  10. As others have said, it depends on the story. But in general, I prefer 3rd.

    Sometimes if I’m uncertain, I’ll try a story in both. One way will end up clicking.

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