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NaNoWriMo Badges!

National Novel Writing Month is still a little while away (beginning November 1st–also my birthday :)) but they’ve recently posted badges on their site:

NANO Badge 1

There are plenty more on the site, in different colors. Thanks to Anna Scott Graham for alerting me to the NaNo site update!

Looking forward to NaNo this year, like the past two years. This year will be Lady of the Snow, even though I’ve already started on it and “technically” you are supposed to start completely new. I never count what I’ve previously written; only that which is new. But I suppose I’m still a rule breaker πŸ˜› Not that it matters in this case! As long as it helps me get ahead on my first draft it doesn’t matter!

Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Badges!" (7)

  1. Ah!


  2. I’m amazed that you do Nano. I’m amazed by anyone who does it. LOL

  3. Be a rebel!

    I always get excited during Nano because everyone around me is working on such exciting projects. This time of year is typically when I write my one novel, but with the holidays and it being my birthday month, I know not to jump into the Nano commitment.

    So I’ll be writing along with all my buddies, just not as furiously

  4. aren’t those icons pretty! I was so chuffed they were already out… πŸ™‚

    Time Traveler’s Wife the movie was thin. They could have done so much more, and yeah, way too short. I feel for the author, hope she was compensated well.

  5. Dara,

    No worries. You’re hardly alone regarding continuing an already started manuscript. I did the same thing last year, also counting only new words.

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