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Results of the Write-In

The weekend write-in went well. Lots of fun and lots of writing 🙂 I didn’t get as much done there as I wanted, but throughout the course of the day, I hit the goal I made for myself.

I completely finished the character bios for all main characters. And the most important thing: I finished my general summary of the entire book. Well, parts of it are general; some of it was rather specific but I just threw whatever on the page that came to my mind. My summaries are always a little hard to decipher, at least for anyone else reading it 😛 Sentence fragments abound as does lack of punctuation. But it’s a guideline for me, not the actual book, so it doesn’t matter how messy it is. No one else is gonna read it!

By the way, that guideline ended up being six pages–single spaced 😛

The story will most likely change from what I’ve written down, but at least I have a slight point of reference from beginning to middle to end. So I guess you can say I’m one of those writers who plans things out before, but I don’t always follow the path. But it’s there for me so if I can’t figure out where the story was going I can use it as reference.

Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do. I could start writing it–I am two months ahead of schedule. Or I could spend the time trying to find the research for it. It’ll probably be a mix of both; I may be lucky to get one or two chapters done before NaNo starts.

Anyone else have a productive weekend (writing or otherwise)?

Comments on: "Results of the Write-In" (6)

  1. Good for you! I didn’t get much done this weekend but hope to tackle some chapters this week.

  2. Carolyn Yalin said:

    What a great idea, weekend write-in.
    I’ve just recently started doing character bios and can’t understand why I didn’t do them earlier!

  3. Sounds like a super positive experience 🙂 Awesome that you got so much done!

  4. Mine was fine. 🙂 Just doing my thing, same old stuff, which isn’t a bad thing.
    Glad you had fun!

  5. Lots of writing and digging; we have a trench in our front yard, but a new septic line too… 🙂

    Well done on all your hard work!

  6. My weekend was filled with football, soccer, rafting, hiking, not much writing though.

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