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So Many Characters!

I find it interesting how our different main characters from stories can be–and how much we as writers are still connected with them, despite their differences.

I have so many characters floating around in my head, all clamoring for my attention. The two loudest though, are easy to recognize: Miyuki (also, Yuki-onna) for Lady of the Snow, and Naomi Rochester, who’s from my other WiP Promise of the Plum Blossom.

Miyuki is relatively new (only a few months old) and I’m still trying to figure out key aspects of her personality. She’s easily the most complex character I’ve ever tried to figure out. She’s manipulative and cruel, yet towards those around her, she appears as loving and graceful. It initially starts out as a facade, but over time, she transforms into that which she once hated. Her human side constantly battles the Yuki-onna nature–a human side where she’s vulnerable, unsure, and desiring love. Her whole story is her battling with these two extremes–the more powerful nature of the Yuki-onna, who’s cruel and vengeful, and her human nature, one who is really just a scared and damaged young woman. It’s going to be difficult to balance, and even in my thoughts her whole personality is so turbulent. I’m really hoping I can do her story justice.

Then there’s Naomi Rochester, the young woman who’s been developed and re-developed in my head for easily three years now. She’s been mostly the same over the years–a young woman of two different cultures: an American mother and Japanese father. She’s always been rather sassy and temperamental, although that sass came out much more strongly during NaNo last year ๐Ÿ˜›ย  She’s always been an outcast because of her heritage, simply because she was born in a time and place where that was frowned upon by both cultures. As a result, it takes her time to actually grow to like people. I’ve also seen her grow up too–from a rather childish 21-year-old young woman, who tended to throw tantrums at times, to a more refined and graceful woman.

Even though these two characters are different in many ways, I’m still connected to them. I still want to tell each of their stories and pray that I’ll be able to.

Of course I’ve got other characters too, bouncing around in my head. There’s the newest one, whom I’ve nicknamed “Maggie” for the time being (at least until I can find a better name). She’s the one whose story I saw in a dream not too long ago. She’s definitely a calm and quiet girl, one of those less feisty heroines. Yet she’s got an inner strength and perseverance that I don’t think I could ever have. She’s been through a lot of tragedy, from losing her parents in a raid by the Indians, to becoming crippled (also from said raid), to being placed with a relative who’s emotionally and physically abusive. I know her story is going to be difficult for me to write, but it will end happily, as all romances do ๐Ÿ™‚

And I have so many others from other different stories: Taliah, who is a witness to many of the miracles of Jesus (and also healed by Him),ย  Eleanor (or Ellie, as I like to call her) from my American Revolution story, to Milena, the immigrant girl from Eastern Europe, who’s been with me since I first wrote a novel when I was 11.

Hopefully I’ll get to write each and every one of their stories. And I know plenty more characters will pop up in my head over the years too!

Comments on: "So Many Characters!" (6)

  1. It seems you have a good handle on your two main characters. I found I couldn’t figure out their personalities until I wrote their story. It’s funny how it’s different for every writer.

  2. Ganbatte on Miyuki–is the kanji in her name ็พŽ้›ช? Or some other version of yuki? Anyway, she sounds like she’ll be both fun and difficult to write.

    And you have a lot of interesting characters here–all that require a lot of research! I get the idea that you’re a more patient woman than I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I believe ็พŽ้›ช is the kanji–that’s the one that means “beautiful snow” or something similar, correct? At least that’s what I thought when I looked it up!

      The other names in my novel, I’m a little hesitant of since I don’t know Japanese and I’m uncertain if these are names that would ever be used. I figure I could use them for my rough draft and change them if needed.

      • It literally does mean “beautiful snow.” But most Yukis in Japan use a different kanji, which is why I asked. (When I first typed the name, ็พŽๅนธ came up which means “Beautiful Happiness”). There are a few other Yuki kanji, one of the most popular being “Hope.”

        I think you’ll be fine on choosing names. They’re probably solidly traditional–unless they sound like an American name. (I have three Erikas and a Riona in my classes.) And if you see a name from a princess of yore, you’re golden, ne?

  3. Characters are different for me too, some are stronger than others! It sounds like you’ve got yours down really well.

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