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Haunting Melodies

I know I posted about this months ago, but I wanted to post again. Do you have novel “theme songs” or music that helps inspire your story?

I sometimes lose track of all the songs I have. 😛 I haven’t found too many for Lady of the Snow yet, but one that I simply love comes from the popular anime movie by Miyazaki called Princess Mononoke. Both versions are short but the lyrics are so powerful and really make me think of Miyuki, even though the song was written for a completely different fictional character.

Here’s the English version of the song. It’s only about a minute and I encourage you to give it a listen. To me it’s one of the most haunting melodies I’ve heard:

Here’s the Japanese version. It’s a little longer and I’m not sure the lyrics are quite correct, but it’s haunting just the same:

Each version nearly moves me to tears every time (of course I’m uber sensitive :)).

Do you have songs that make you think of your story? Or do you have any songs that are just simply haunting and stay in your mind forever?

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  1. Whenever I watch Japanese films or television shows I tend to stick to the original language track. I can remember the awful (truly mind-bogglingly terrible) translations that were used on the video releases back in the eighties, and the stigma of English dubs has stuck.

    Come to think of it, I’m really unsure if I have even heard any of the English dialogue Miyazaki’s films… I remember reading that Dakota Fanning did a voice-over of one of the films, but I can’t say I’ve ever cared for the dubs.

    • Hmm, I don’t know which one she did. But the voiceover for Spirited Away is done very well. I think most, if not all, of Miyazaki’s films have been dubbed over pretty well, mainly because a big company like Disney took over.

      I have to say that I prefer the English dubs in some Japanese anime. One that stands out is Rurouni Kenshin–I cannot stand the Japanese voice for Kenshin; he sounds to effeminate (I know he was supposed to be a bit “girly” in the physical sense but I just didn’t like his voice).

      I generally will watch things in both forms to see which one I prefer. In this case, I think the two songs are beautiful in their own way. 🙂

  2. Wow! I like both versions, but the voice of the female singer is so ethereal, it suits your story. She’s got a gorgeous voice. It’s a pity the song is so short. I could listen a lot longer. I may need to request that soundtrack for Christmas. 🙂

    I love listening to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while I write. It’s probably the soundtrack that comes closest to my novel’s romanticism. But I have many soundtracks. Conan the Barbarian, believe it or not, is great when you need something pushing you along. The composer has a tradition of driving drumbeats – you can hear it in The Rock soundtrack, too, from what my sister-in-law tells me. I believe it’s Basil Polidouris, but I’d have to check and make sure. The sountrack to Henry V is awesome, too. The Battle of Agincourt is like listening to courage personified. I do listen to Spirited Away while writing. It’s at least got an Asian flavor, but it’s mostly too whimsical to really help drive anything in my plot. It becomes background noise for the most part.

    Must go prepare breakfast. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Just about every manuscript has some sort of playlist, I just can’t get away from the tunes!!

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