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I know every writer at some point in their life struggles with the feeling that they aren’t meant to be a writer. I know I have (probably a lot recently too). It’s hard in the face of rejection and critique to see the good sometimes. Many of us (and by this I mean me mostly :P) sometimes take the critique personally and sink into a minor depression of sorts for a day or two (or longer).

But then there are times when I realize that I’ve probably been a bit too harsh on myself and realize that my stories have something special. It may be a very long way off from being published and I’ve still a great deal to learn about the craft and finding my voice, but I’m not as horrible as I once thought.

My day was made today when I received a message via NaNoMail (the site’s messaging service) from a fellow writer. Reading it over still makes me smile:

I think your story sounds fantastic. Far and away one of the best synopses that I’ve read since I started looking. I’d love to see how it progresses.

It’s nothing major but it really boosts my confidence level.

Also, all the lovely comments about my “mock” book trailer make me smile too–it makes me think that perhaps I’m not as bad as I think 🙂

What helps boost your confidence in your writing?


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  1. bigwords88 said:

    Sometimes – when I’m feeling adventurous – I tell people that I am a writer. Mostly when I’m drunk, but sometimes when I’m asked by people who don’t seem to be crazies (because there are a lot of crazies out there, and I have enough things to deal with without some idiot telling me their life story, insisting it would make a kick-ass book.

    Upon hearing that I’m a writer, the non-crazies will nod, and the conversation will move on, but sometimes, just sometimes, I misjudge a person. Damn those crazies, pretending to be normal folks… The confidence-boosting can’t come quick enough.

    Here’s how to make yourself feel better:

    First make up the name of the book you are working on. The wilder and more unbelievable you can make it, the better this works. The Sexual Awakening Of P.T. Barnum & The World Conquest Of The Killer Penguins seems to work for me, but I’m sure you can come up with better.

    Then start to describe one of the scenes from the book when they press you for information. The crazies don’t care that you’re bullshitting them, ’cause they like the attention – any attention.

    I go into a freewheelin’ yarn about talking monkeys, ninjas and a time machine, stopping to explain a plot point concerning the fact that Hitler’s brain is being preserved in a jar of mayonaise. It’s more like stand-up than anything, and it is so much fun to try and top every wild scene with an even wilder one.

    Yes, I am a bad, bad person

    • LOL, that actually sounds a little fun 😛 Normally I don’t really go into what I’m writing with people ’cause they normally start to tune out after a sentence or two. But that sounds like fun 😛

  2. Lovely! Making trailers always motivates me. 🙂

    Sounds like you’re really gearing up for NanoWriMo. I love the anticipation for something like that. The excitement and buildup really helps kick things into gear.

    What boosts my confidence? Well, this is kind of a painful process, but when I go back once everything is done and revise and realize that I can do better now. When I can cut away words and know that they don’t belong.

  3. What an awesome comment! That’s really something Dara. I’d say the same things boost me. Compliments, of course. 🙂 My mom just told me she cried at several parts of my book. Yeah, I know she’s my mom but my head still swelled a bit. 🙂

  4. I’d love to hear that someone cried over something I wrote. Or laughed. Once, back when I was writing short stories, an editor wrote on the printed rejection slip, “Almost, but not quite. Try us again.” I think I felt as good as one possibly can and still have one’s story rejected!

  5. When I get comments that show my readers are wrapped up in my characters and their situations, I think I’ve done well and that feels great.

  6. aspiringtobesomeone said:

    I know what you mean! Sometimes you just feel like quitting, then you realise that you can’t do anything else… you won’t be satisfied with anything else…

    Hey what’s your name on nano? Mine’s Wayunlucky13.

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