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It’s Always a Buick

Ok maybe not always…but most of the time.

Random I know, but I had to post about this. Driving to work today I was caught behind 3 slow cars…and they were all Buicks. Considering my drive is only 20-25 minutes, I found it very odd that I was stuck behind so many…

It’s inevitable when I drive so much that I’ll encounter someone going 10-15 mph below the posted speed limit at least once.

And 9 times out of 10, that slow car is a Buick. Specifically, one like this:

Yep. It's definitely ALWAYS this one. And in this color too!

Yep. It's definitely ALWAYS this one. And in this color too!

 It’s also been my experience that the driver of said slow vehicle is more than likely past the age of 65.

My question is this: what is so appealing about the Buick that the older folks love it so much? I mean, it’s a boat of a car and probably not the easiest to manuever. Is it the interior features? Or what exactly? Though the Buick is the most common that I’ve seen, other larger “boat” cars are also a regular sight along the roads. It’s very rare I see an older person driving something small.

Because of said experiences, when I see a Buick, I always try to pass it, unless it’s actually going within 5 mph of the speed limit. And I can spot one of these from a pretty good distance now 😛

Of course this may change in the next few years as the newer Buicks are a bit sportier looking.

The NEW Buick

The NEW Buick

It makes me wonder what the next “elderly” car will be. 😛

Anyone have any ideas why cars like this appeal to the older folks?


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  1. You know – I get stuck behind that Buick too. Yesterday, it was in White, and it was driving down Main Street at 20-22 MPH. yeah, the limit is 25.

    Needless to say, I was going bananas.

    I don’t know – the new “old” people will be the baby boomers, or the generation just before them. they’re pretty earth conscious, maybe it’ll be hybrids and hatchbacks?

  2. I think the big cars appeal to the older folks because that’s what they started out driving. They didn’t really have that many compact cars prior to the 70’s and the smaller car that were around were typically sports cars. Those sporty cars were perceived as being for racing or Europeans. My grandfather and my parents always drove monsters that felt like tanks to me– excepting one Rambler station wagon in the late ’60’s that caught fire.

    When you’re used to something it’s hard to change. And in a way those big ol’ cars kind of felt more safe and secure than the smaller even though the monsters can really be a hassle to park.


  3. LOL, I don’t know why older people drive big cars. Hmm. I live in FL and there’s tons of slowpokes here. 🙂

  4. Old folks in Japan drive SMALL cars. Well, most cars in Japan are smaller anyway (you would laugh at the engine my car has), but old folks like them extra small. And because they’re small with not very powerful engines, they can’t accelerate very well. This is a problem on my island, as this island is very hilly. It’s also a problem because speed limits in Japan are the lowest in the developed world–there’s no higher speed limit on Iki than 50 KILOMETERS per hour.

    So let me tell you, when I get stuck behind the old folks goin’ 35 kilometers per hour in the 50 zone (you can tell they’re old because drivers over 65 are required to put this special sticker on the back of their car), and I can’t pass because the roads are curvy/there’s traffic coming from the other side/there’s a giant line of cars, whoo boy, do start to growl about Japanese drivers.

    I should write a blog post about this. It’s a fun rant topic.

    • Well, the US is different in that so many like huge cars. I mean, most of the cars on the road are SUVs or minivans.

      Personally, I like small cars. I drive a hatchback Aveo and I’ve been teased about it before because of its small size. Honestly, I love it because I can manuever it much easier. And half the time I’m passing the huge cars on the highway anyway 😛

      I think we should have stickers on the back of the car for over 65 drivers too. Much of the time they’re pretty dangerous on the road–swirving, not looking when they’re pulling in front of someone, going so slow it’s dangerous…But it probablty wouldn’t go over too well. I still think it should be something we do.

      Do you think the reason the speed limit is so low is because of the mountainous terrain?

  5. I think it’s that Buicks are AMERICAN, and somehow relay a sense of solidity.

    My husband drove one recently while on business and wasn’t pleased. 🙂 But he’s a Mercedes man, so there you are…

  6. My father-in-law used to drive a Buick and he NEVER exceeded the speed limit. LOL I sense a short story in there somewhere: What are old people plotting in their Buicks? ;D

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