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Mythical Creatures of Japan

Ok, so let’s just say I couldn’t wait all the way until Monday to let you all know what my blog series is gonna be about πŸ˜› I’m impatient.

Basically, it’s what’s implied in the title. Initially I was going to do just one week, but I decided I’d try and stretch it for most of the month of November πŸ™‚ Lucky you!

I’m going to focus on different categories of creatures, from shape-shifting animals to silly little household imps. It should be lots of fun.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do other series throughout the year on mythical beings around the world. That’s a little far in the future–I’d just like to get through the next month–but that may be something that I’ll examine on this blog. I figure it’s a good way to tie into my book, which is about one of these mythical creatures (and yes, there will be an entire entry devoted to her :))

You’ll still have to wait and see which category will be up first!

Let me know what you think. Hoping there’s some interest out there; if not, it will at least be for my benefit, right?


Comments on: "Mythical Creatures of Japan" (6)

  1. I’m curious to see what you have. πŸ™‚

  2. bigwords88 said:

    Are you going to use the funny demon umbrella with the one foot? Or hairy green vampires? Oh, you can’t forget to include scenes where water (the sea, a lake, even a bath) plays a part in the story. That’s a very Japanese trait.

    Writing even semi-seriously about Japanese myth would be completely beyond my ability, because I would have the need to reference even the most obscure and incoherent manga and anime.

    The original myths are very, very cool.

    ‘Cept for that stupid umbrella demon. πŸ™‚

    • Actually I do plan on mentioning the karakase-obake (the demon umbrella) along with a few other sillier ones. But that will be later on in the month.

      And I’ll mention the water imps too–the kappa, I believe they’re called–in a few weeks.

      I know I’m going to have to mention a few other myths in my book, but only a few–I’m not really sure which ones though because there are so many.

  3. Ooo interesting! Can’t wait; Japan has some freaky creatures…

  4. Ooh, this sounds really interesting. I know nothing about Japan’s mythology.

  5. This sounds fascinating! Can’t wait to see what you’ve found.

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