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Today’s lovely woman of mythology is the Hari-onago/Hari-onna. The hooked hair woman.

Hari-onago is an extremely beautiful and enchanting woman–except for the fact the ends of her hair are razor sharp hooks.

Legends say she comes from Ehime prefecture. Unlike the others this week, she’s more of a local legend rather than a national one.  However, her notoriety has spread throughout the country and she’s even made appearances in the famous anime anime InuYasha as well as making an appearance in a video game. 

What exactly does she use her massively long and dangerous hair for? To trap men, of course. She preys upon them, much like a vampire. It’s said she will smile and laugh at whatever boy catches her fancy, and if he laughs back, she extends her hair and captures him with her hooks and mutilates him in the process.

One has to wonder why she goes around laughing at her prey and daring them to laugh back. I suppose that’s her way of capturing them.

Not many stories exist of one escaping–she has the uncanny ability to make her victims laugh. However there is one instance where a young man somehow escaped being ensnared in her hooked hair by shutting her out of his house. The hooks left deep gashes in the door, but the young man escaped harm.

At least it wasn’t a paper door, like many of the doors in Japan, or the story would’ve ended differently.

Comments on: "Hags and Beauties: Hari-onago/Hari-onna" (1)

  1. Interesting myth. Death by razor sharp hair. A different take on the mermaid stories we have in the western world.

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