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Kreative Blogger Award


Thanks goes to Victoria Dixon for nominating me for the Kreative Blogger award. Victoria has an awesome blog that seeks to promote Asian-themed fiction–something that’s very near and dear to my heart.


Now I have to send my award to others.

  1. Fellow writer Anna Scott Graham and her blog Non Fictional Chronicles of a Fiction Filled Life. Great blog of a fellow writer’s journey.
  2. Jessica Nelson at BookingIt. She’s writes Christian romance and often has posts about how to improve your own writing as well as asking questions. It’s a great interactive blog, for she often responds  back to you in the comments.
  3. Patti Nielson is another writer friend who often ties in some sort of every day life event with writing. Another great blog!
  4. Lynda Schab at On the Write Track. She’s very informed about the world of Christian publishing–from freelancing, to greeting cards, to fiction writing and contests. She has great giveaways quite often too!
  5. Courtney Vail at ~Creative Burst~. A wonderful blog full of great writing advice. She was actually one of the first I followed when I got started blogging myself.
  6. K@ The Flighty Temptress. She lives and works in Japan and has great posts (and pictures) of all the adventures she’s been on. I must admit, I’m always a little jealous reading her blog. So I travel vicariously through reading her posts.
  7. Last but certainly not least, Sara Raasch at See Sara Write. Certainly one of the funniest and most creative blogs out there.  She’s also repped by the well-known agent Kate Schafer Testerman (Also known as Daphne Unfeasible) from KT Literary.

Definitely check out these amazing blogs!


Comments on: "Kreative Blogger Award" (7)

  1. Ta love! Happy NANOing… 🙂

  2. Weeee!! Thanks, Dara 😀

  3. Where does this award come from?

    But thank you. 🙂

  4. What an honor! Thanks for nominating me, Dara! I hope to post this on Friday. 🙂

  5. Dara, Thank you!!! I can’t wait until I get to give you an award. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the nod. I’ll do one up too when I get a chance. Good luck in NaNo. Keep at it. Worry about the details and flow later.

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