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My Cast of Characters

I’m a very visual person. It’s hard for me to picture characters in my head unless I have some sort of guide–a guide being a photo of an actual person who I think looks as close to my character(s) as possible.

I realized I never actually set aside time to do this for Lady of the Snow. Guess where two hours of my Saturday afternoon went 😛

And in that two hours I really only found four or five character “look-alikes”. Better than none, right?

Anyway, are you curious? I’ll post the three main ones that I have: Miyuki/Yuki-onna, her love interest, Kazuhiro, his f and her rival, Hatsuyo. Oh and another important player in the story, Daisuke (a friend of Kazihiro’s). I’ve got others too, but I can’t remember the names of the actors and actresses right now and all the pictures are currently on my home computer.

So, without further ado, my “main”  cast:

"Hatsuyo" : Sachi Tainaka

First, the rival, Hatsuyo. She’s the “town beauty” before Miyuki’s arrival. She’s often called “The Flower of Gokayama” (since that’s the current name of my village…although it will probably change later).  She and Kazuhiro were planned for one another at a young age, although it’s never been made official. She’s vain and thinks herself higher than many of the villagers since her family is one of the few farmers of the valley that actually own their land (along with Kazuhiro’s family). She immediately despises Miyuki because she sees how beautiful she is and she notices Kazuhiro’s obvious attraction to her. She’s also determined to figure out who Miyuki truly is, for she’s fairly certain she’s more than she seems. However, Hatsuyo’s not truly evil. If anything, she’s just insecure and comes from a family who only sees the value in her beauty as a bargaining chip. While she cares for Kazuhiro, she truly loves his friend, Daisuke (who is also part of one of the few land-owning farming families, although not as prosperous).

"Daisuke": Satoshi Tsumabuki

Daisuke is Kazuhiro’s good friend. He’s a known as the town flirt 😛 He can be a little on the overbearing side and a has a bit of a temper. He’s a little self-centered, but not to the extent of Hatsuyo. He’s loud and boisterous and loves to have fun, almost bordering on irresponsible.  He’s easily influenced by a pretty face though, and Miyuki uses this weakness of his–as well as his feelings for Hatsuyo–to her own advantage.

"Kazuhiro": Jun Kaname

And we can’t forget Kazuhiro, Miyuki’s love interest. He’s incredibly handsome, with dark and distinctive eyes (which is one of the factors that led to Miyuki transforming from her Yuki-onna self to a human). Despite his good looks, he’s one of those that doesn’t really think of himself that way (often he thinks he’s quite plain).

He is kind hearted and easily taken advantage of because of his loyalty and his willingness to help anyone who asks. He’s contemplative and generally likes to keep to himself. Though quiet, he’s not nearly as silent as his cousin Seitaro (who I don’t have a picture for yet and who’s really just a minor character).  However, he tends to be consumed with all the responsibility placed upon him and often lets it out by an occassional intense outburst.

And last but certainly not least, my main character, Miyuki.

"Miyuki/Yuki-onna": Hikaru Utada

Obviously beautiful, she definitely uses this to her advantage. She can be vain as well, but is pretty good about hiding it. As she’s been hired by Kazuhiro as a servant–and looked upon with some trepidation by the other villagers because of Kazuhiro finding her alone on a remote mountain road–people tend to avoid her. Many think she’s some supernatural demon come to curse the village. Even though they aren’t that far off on this assumption, Miyuki tries her best to appear as human as possible and eventually manages to gain the villagers’ respect, while slowly succumbing to the “mortal” aspect of life herself.

I think this one captures the "Yuki-onna" side of Miyuki...

Though she starts off as cunning and evil, it’s quickly revealed that there’s much more to her than originally thought, especially as she realizes what she was before her transformation into the Yuki-onna.

Anyway, my characters don’t look exactly like these J-Pop singers and actors–all of them are in modern clothes here, so use your imagination and make the guys’ hair longer and more unkept, tied back in a pony tail, as well as the girls’ hair being a little more on the untidy side too. Remember, they’re farmers, so they won’t have all the beauty techniques we have today, nor will they have beautiful kimonos like those of the samurai class. They’d be dressed in pretty drab garments, like grays and browns, and possibly made out of cotton and/or hemp material.

But this is a rough estimate of what they’d look like. 🙂

Now, if only I could draw, then I’d be able to really show you what my characters look like. Alas, I’m not that talented.


Comments on: "My Cast of Characters" (9)

  1. i’ve just recently started finding photos that I think reflect my characters and I’m finding it really helpful as well.

  2. I LOVE seeing pictures of other people’s characters! It makes them seem so real. And may I just say that Kazuhiro is HOT.

    • LOL, I know! He’s supposed to be in the book, and when I saw that picture I knew that’s as close to the vision in my head as I’d get 🙂

  3. I always find it hard to attach actual photos to my characters because they never match up with what’s in my head.

    Looks like you have a lovely cast of characters going for you!

  4. If I could cast anyone as my mc, it would be Tony Leung. Alas, just played a major role in a movie that’s also based off of my book’s original premise. Even though he played a different role, I just don’t think he’d likely want to be typecast in such a similar topic-field. Sigh. He’d be perfect. I can dream. LOL

  5. Kazuhiro is HOT and Miyuki is just gorgeous. It’s so fun to find the right look for your characters, isn’t it? Although it’s always a little tricky. One of those things that’s a “know it when you see it” type thing.

  6. Gorgeous visuals. Melikes Kazuhiro.

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