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Character Woes

Why is it that as I’m trying to finish Lady of the Snow, my characters from my last WiP keep demanding that I switch focus to them? πŸ˜› Specifically little miss Naomi, who’s quite the demanding young lady.

No, she couldn’t be happy when I was actually working with her, trying to coax her–and the rest of her fellow friends–to tell their story. Naomi flatly refused to say anything, being the supremely stubborn and sometimes childish person that she is, telling me she was too tired of always having to be center stage. So, I let another story take root, giving Naomi and her story time to relax.

Apparently, she demands I start paying attention to her. Now. πŸ˜›

And my ever fearsome, ever volatile Miyuki/Yuki-onna, has seemingly disappeared. Perhaps she got tired during NaNo and decided to go rejuvenate by basking in the frigid air that has been Ohio weather the last few days.

Seriously, they all drive me insane. Either they won’t shut up and give me a moment’s peace, or they decide to just disappear without any warning. Where’s the happy medium, huh? That’s all I’m asking for! ARGH.

Such temperamental characters I have…why can’t they ever cooperate??

(BTW,Β  comments for my contest have been closed. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who participated!)


Comments on: "Character Woes" (4)

  1. They do like to be difficult, don’t they? I have one character who is in the developmental stages and every time I sit down to work with her she changes her mind about what she wants to be. The only thing that remains consistent is that she is going to be the-kind-of villain of the piece. Not the actual antagonist but someone who is definitely antagonising. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has characters running amok.

  2. Wow, your characters sound like my toddlers. LOL

  3. It’s amazing how real they are, isn’t it? That’s what makes it fun though. Can you imagine how we’d miss the game if they weren’t always ducking and hiding?


  4. My characters always obey. But I promise a happy ending. It helps. Good luck wrestling with them!

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