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Excuses are DONE

It’s sad to admit, but I really haven’t written much since the end of NaNo. All because of laziness.

One of my fellow crit group members has been actively writing 1200 words a day since then–and I’ve been a bum.

No more. After reading this post by agent Rachelle Gardner, I’ve gotten a kick in the pants. There’s only so much time we’ve been given on this earth and I’m squandering it by being lazy. There are really no excuses for me–I don’t have a little kids who need me; I don’t have that many social obligations–even with the holiday season–so why do I keep putting it off?

It’s humbling to read that post of Rachelle’s and then see how I really am just going about the motions of everyday life…

My goal now–write at least 1000 words a day until the first draft is done. Excuses are DONE.

Comments on: "Excuses are DONE" (3)

  1. Okay, we’re holding you to it. 😛

  2. That’s a very inspiring post, and I wish you the best of luck! *needs to do the same*

  3. Inspiring and humbling. Thanks for sharing that, Dara.

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