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Yet Another One

I feel like the cat in this picture. Unaware of the characters that wait to ambush me.

I love how characters  literally come out of no where and ambush me.

I think writing my first draft helps to stimulate the creative juice and then it doesn’t stop. I came up with an idea on a whim while I was trying to fall asleep–I swear that’s when all the ideas come alive–and most of the time I forget them, but this one–this one has teeth and claws and won’t let go.

The strange thing–it’s a contemporary setting. My first one ever. Though of course there’s some world travel in it; I just can’t seem to stay away from traveling to another culture at some point, even if it’s for a relatively small segment of this yet-to-be-fully-formed idea.

Oh and it’s gonna be a romantic suspense. Although I’ve no clue how to even begin writing one of those, nor can I remember the last romantic suspense I’ve read (on a related note, can someone recommend to me good romantic suspense novels? Thanks :)).

No character names as of yet, but I do have three main ones that have developed. And I pretty much have their personalities too. Some what.

Also, this book is one I’m thinking will be “just for fun”–meaning I’m writing it solely for the purpose of getting the story out and no intent on publishing it. Saying that already puts some sort of stress off me. 😛

Sigh. But I must relegate it to the background while I finish my first draft. Then perhaps I’ll take a little break and focus on this one just for fun. We’ll see!


Comments on: "Yet Another One" (6)

  1. Lisa and Laura said:

    Write it, write it! I love when ideas strike and won’t let go.

    Also, I’m a total sucker for traveling from culture to culture. It keeps things interesting!

  2. Fun stuff! LOL For RS I recommend Iris Johansen and Linda Howard. They’re both ABA writers, not Christian.

  3. Write while the idea is hot and fresh in your mind. Love that picture.

  4. Love that pic!

    “Just for fun” is the best way to do it, no holding back. The book that finally sold was one I started right after my first book was finished. I wanted to jump right into a story and write something where I could just indulge and have fun. So you never know…

  5. Sounds like you’ll have a whale of a time on this project. Right now I’m struggling to squeeze out each chapter of the book I’m working on. Possibly because I’m on a deadline. 😦

  6. Ha! Cute picture. 🙂

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