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Ten Years Ago…

One of the “trending topics” over at Twitter is what or where you were at ten years ago. It’s amazing to see that many of the tweets are from people who said they were only toddlers or in kindergarten then…makes me feel old 😛 Of course I’m not anywhere near such at 25…

Anyway, it got me to thinking–where were some of you ten years ago? I was a freshman in high school; I’d just turned 15 the month prior and my family and I were still settling in our new house. Oh, and I also remember that on New Years’ Eve before the turn of the big Y2K I was sick with a head cold. And I had a bit of a fever too. My dad was on call, since he had to be sure none of the emergency radio systems went down with whatever Y2K bug that we were all scared of then, and it was just my mom, younger sister, and I at home watching Times Square in between our movie marathon.

 I also remember thinking “this is how I’m going to remember the millenium change for the rest of my life.” Wouldn’t you know it, ten years later and I was nearly sick AGAIN on New Years Eve–although this year I thankfully managed to recover before it. 🙂

Where were you ten years ago?

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  1. Well, now I really feel old. I was twenty nine and at my dad’s house for a party. My kids were little and with me. Tonight, they will all be doing their own thing. It makes me sad that they are teenagers. But such is life, right? Happy New Year! Glad you aren’t sick. 🙂

  2. Wow, ten years ago! It took me a little while to remember precisely, then you mentioned Y2K and it hit me. At that point in time I’d just recently moved to Palmerston North and was managing a backpackers with my then boyfriend. We’d had to kick some fools out who tried to steal someone else’s bag and changed the door code, which resulted in the door lock actually breaking. We spent much of the evening sitting on the steps waiting for the locksmith to come out to our call, I think by the time he did, there was no point heading into town so we just stayed in! The queues at the bars were insane that night anyways, I doubt we would have managed to get into one before midnight hit.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Wow, I forgot about Y2K! LOL I can’t even remember where I was ten years ago. I was sixteen and I’m not sure if my mom and stepdad divorced before or after my sixteenth Christmas. If I’m remembering right, it was a boring….OH WAIT!!! LOL I was at a guy’s house. Heeheee! A cute guy but we just stayed friends.

  4. Has it really been 10 years? Wow.

    I went to a party at Universal Studios that night because we all felt we should do something special for the millenium. Then I took second line computer support because I thought the odds of something happening with the Y2K thing would be low due to all the testing that was done. I was wrong. At 1:30 am my pager went off and I had to end up driving into work at 2:00am to debug some badly written software.

    This year went a lot better, despite this evil cold I’m fighting.

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