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So let me say that it’s been awhile since I’ve had a hard time putting a book down. Magic Under Glass was certainly one of those books; I stayed up until 1 AM last night finishing it.

Anyway, the book was as amazing as I’d hoped it’d be. Dolamore creates such a vibrant world and her descriptions paint such a picture that it seems like Lorinar was as real to me as any place on earth. The story hardly had a slow moment; each chapter ended at such a point that I couldn’t wait to read the next one…and the next and the next and so forth.

The main character, Nimira, has to be one of my favorite female heroines that I’ve read in awhile. She’s strong and brave, yet graceful and determined. I love how she’s not the standard “spitfire” heroine; her strength comes from within and she’s not the type to quickly speak whatever comes to mind; she carefully considers what to say–and who to say it to–instead of making the same mistakes as so many heroines her age by letting her emotions get out of control. I have to say I’m not sure I’d have been able to act as she did, with such bravery and calmness–especially when people would make less than kind comments about her ethnicity. Yet she wisely kept quiet, even if her emotions were raging within.

I loved how Dolamore portrayed all the characters in this book–from the mysterious and conflicted Hollin Parry, to the automaton Erris (whom I love almost as strongly as Nim), to the quiet and meek Linza and the dark and sinister Smollings. Each character was so three dimensional, it was like reading about events and people that actually existed.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and romance. It’s a quick read once you get started, trust me 🙂 And I’m really hoping that there will be a sequal to this fantastic world.

Definitely 5/5 stars.

Comments on: "2010 Debut Author Challenge: Magic Under Glass" (7)

  1. Lisa and Laura said:

    I’ve heard of this book. Now I’ll definitely have to go and pick it up! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I’ve been hearing “steampunk” left and right and definitely want to check out what it’s all about. This book sounds like a good place to get my feet wet.

    • There’s not a lot of steampunk, if any in it, actually. I thought there would be a hint of it from reading the summary but it’s essentially a magical Victorian-esque world.

  3. I want to read it! I must now track it down…

    • Yes you should. It’s actually one that I’m going to buy at some point. You would love it.

      • Bah…the only pity is that spring semester is about to start up. I should’ve read it while I had nothing going on! But oh well. I’ll definitely need to make time for this one, I think.

  4. Thanks! It sounds marvelous.

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