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New Directions

You may have noticed my word count widget changed. It says “second draft” although technically it’s my second time through the story.

The story essentially went in a completely different direction than what I wrote during NaNo, complete with new supernatural creatures and a different setup. The first draft hardly had any cohesion as the story veered in all sorts of directions from chapter to chapter as I changed my mind. It was too convoluted for me to actually go back and edit since most of the stuff was irrelevant to the new direction. I didn’t scrap it entirely; there’s parts I’ll probably use in this new “first draft” “(for all purposes, my second draft), but I have to start nearly from the beginning, with a fresh look and scope for the book.

It slightly pains me to see that I have to do this, but sometimes that’s what happens. Stories evolve and take different roads from what you initially planned. It’s never easy but it’s necessary.

Such is life. 😛

Comments on: "New Directions" (6)

  1. Sometimes stories just have minds of their own! Good thing you’re listening to yours

  2. Bah…well, it’s good that you’ve learned enough about your story to know that it needs re-writing. Still. That’s not the most pleasant discovery ever, I imagine. 😛

  3. Agreed: it’s a total pain to have to “start over” — but in reality you aren’t starting completely from scratch b/c whatever you wrote before DOES help you better understand your story and your characters. Also, better to start from scratch and cook up a good story than keep trying to throw new ingredients (or worse, garnishes!) at a failed recipe. 😉

    I’m feeling all sorts of metaphoric lately, lol.

  4. That first draft is not a waste at all. A complete story is much more than the sum of its wordcount. All that discovery and exploration adds to the depth of your story. Power on and happy writing!

  5. Lisa and Laura said:

    No draft is ever a waste. Especially since it helped you figure out the direction you were meant to take!

  6. Hey, I’m just impressed you’ve managed to spit out two drafts since last fall! Definitely not a waste of time as you learned what you did and did not want. That’s just a given part of the process. ;D Write on!

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