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I Am Inspired…Again

Because I am such a history geek, I always have to read up on the latest archeology/history news. I generally do this once a day or once every other day, thanks to author Michelle Moran’s blog History Buff, where she posts links to stories about history in the news.

Well the other day I read a particularly fascinating article. So fascinating, in fact, that I instantly had a vision of another novel.

Here’s the link to the story: Mythological Love Unearthed: Experts dig up chamber used by King Bana to hide his daughter.

I quickly typed up a brief outline of the fantasy world that began to take shape in my head. It’s very rough now and I can’t really focus on it as I’m working on Lady of the Snow and The Scarlet Daughter alternately, but it’s there. It will  be like my Yuki-onna story–only very loosely based off this myth as the world that developed in my head is a mix of Indian, Persian and Chinese culture. The story is also different, although I have my MC, the princess and daughter of a super powerful, tyrannical and paranoid king. That’s all I’m going to say about it now 🙂

Since it’ll be the first world in my head that is a mythical land, it’s going to take a lot of world-building. I will probably work on that here and there while I’m typing away at the other two stories. If anything I at least have a novel to start during NaNo nine months away 😛 .

Now to channel this creative energy into one of my WiPs…

Comments on: "I Am Inspired…Again" (14)

  1. I’m completely amazed at people who can world-build! Sounds fascinating. 🙂

    • Yeah, well I haven’t done it yet 😛 Only partially…I work on the world-building when I’m not writing on my WiPs.

  2. Huzzah for inspiration!

    History Buff really is an awesome blog.

    • I know! Definition of amazing. 🙂

      You know, I think you’d really like her books too. I haven’t read Nefertiti yet but The Heretic Queen and Cleopatra’s Daughter were awesome.

  3. That’s so great. Thanks for sharing.

    World-building is difficult for me. Like, I want to write a novel about a futuristic society in which a teen prostitute tries to thrive. The problem is the conflict is so big, with her being under the watchful eye of Big Brother, I have difficulty coming up with creative ways she can deal with it. Maybe I can have a brainstorming session with some other writers for that part.

    Someday I’d love to flesh out a myth too. Not sure what yet, but I’m hoping for some inspiration in that dept.

    • I find that the inspiration comes when you least expect it. I certainly wasn’t on the hunt for a new idea! But as soon as I saw it, I couldn’t stop myself from writing the quick summary.

      World building will be a challenge. I’m used to setting my books in the real world and real places. It’s going to take some time and research to even start it. I know I’m going to use parts of the real world as inspiration for this one; and I’m actually going to have to draw a map and everything. It’s a little daunting…but not going to worry about it now 🙂

  4. Have you read the book, Green, by Jay Lake? It’s a weird book in that it has no plot or story arc, it just follows the MC through different experiences, but his world building is very good. The book’s world has a very similar feel to this one, but it has gods and goddesses and an oppressive magic, not the sorcery kind. It’s fantasy with just a touch of the surreal.

  5. Bah, now I have to get to work on my own worldbuilding. I can’t have you passing me by… 😛

  6. Love it when new ideas come. Sounds like a great potential story. News often inspires me.

  7. Yay for inspiration! Sounds like you have a great start to a great story.

  8. Lisa and Laura said:

    Ooh! Good luck. World building is so much fun. And we only build up realistic ones! I can’t imagine building a fantasy world. Have fun.

    • Yeah I’ve never tried it either…I only ever base things off real world too, even if it’s real world 200 years ago…

      It’s definitely going to be a challenge!

  9. Just that title you floated by itself has so many possibilities. Let the idea stew a bit and I’d love to see what you come up with.

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