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Answer Time! Part I

Here’s my first vlog for the Q & A. It’s only part one, like I said in an earlier post from today, because it was like over 8 minutes before. 😛 I’m actually thinking it may have been better if I broke it up into three parts, around 2 minutes each. Oh well.

Anyway, I apologize ahead for the poor quality; my webcam and video capture rate isn’t the greatest, so the lip synching is off in a lot of spots.

I also say “um” about a hundred times. And I realize I mispronounced vlog 😛 Don’t ask me where my brain was.

Without further ado, the vlog:

I look like a goofball in this video still, but it was the best of the three…the other two I looked either dead or ticked off. 😛


Comments on: "Answer Time! Part I" (8)

  1. Ha!! Love that you call it a vee-log. Hilarious. And I do that same thing with looking up at the ceiling when I’m thinking or when I get nervous. My husband ALWAYS calls me out on it. Who knew eye contact could be so difficult?

    • Yeah, I noticed that I mispronounced it after shooting it and by then I didn’t really care anymore 😛 LOL.

      I was certainly not called to be an actress! Or anything related to being in front of the camera. Ha.

  2. Heehee. Awesome. I love your theories!

  3. Nice answers there.

    And really, though the standard pronunciation is “vlog” since it is a shortened version of two words, “video” and “log,” there is a decent argument to be made that “v-log” a la “v-day” or “b-day” could be another way to pronounce it.

    I admire your tenacity in editing this thing. I need to edit two more photos for 365 and I’m just… not. Tonight. After fan dancing, taiko, and ramen, I guess. XD

  4. Too cute! I loved it. 🙂

  5. Oh, I’d be too shy to vlog! Plus, I don’t have a camera. 😦

    I feel like I know you better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I especially liked the last passage.


    from the desk of a writer

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