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Loved. This. Book.

The fairies in The Iron King are definitely not the “innocence and pixie dust” kind. Not even close. The Fey in this book are definitely darker and much more menacing. The Fey of mythology–the kind that people back in the old days would make charms for to prevent irking them or being a target.

In all the mythology I’ve read surrounding the Fey, the Summer and Winter courts and the sidhe in general, this is exactly the type of world that I would really be inclined to believe existed–a world of dark and terrifying creatures, ancient power and fey that thrive on making binding promises (like the kind for your first born or a memory or something equally as precious).

I could definitely relate to Meghan’s journey in this book. She was a perfect balance of strong and “hesitant” heroine–not too feisty but not a damsel in distress either. True she did rely on Puck and Ash and Grimalkin to get her out of many a scrape, but I’d suspect if most of us were plopped into a situation like hers at sixteen–or at any age–we’d probably react the same, if not more hesitant. There were plenty of instances that Meghan had to face where I probably would’ve wet myself, yet she kept her fear hidden well enough. But it was also nice to see her grow gradually as the book progressed and face each challenge with increasing confidence and bravery.

Loved the characters too. Puck had to be my absolute favorite. I think I’d choose him over Ash any day 🙂 The cat Grimalkin is a close second. If cats could speak, I’m certain Grimalkin echoes many a cat’s true thoughts, especially with their wily nature and unpredictability.

Definitely a highly recommended book, especially if you’re looking for the world of fey that’s not all magic and golden pixie dust.

Comments on: "2010 Debut Author Challenge: The Iron King" (7)

  1. It looks good. I just added it to my wish list. Thanks for the review.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the great review! *puts IRON KING on to-read list*

  3. I’ve always loved the name Puck since being in a Midsummer’s Night Dream.
    This sounds like a really good book and the cover is amazing. Is it fantasy? (I mean, I know it is but is it in-depth or would it be something less detailed, less world-building that I might like?)
    Thanks for the review!

    • She goes back and forth between our world and the fey realm and there are a ton of mythological creatures too (brownies, redcaps, trolls, ogres, dragons…pretty much everything from the human imagination is in that realm).

      It’s not high fantasy or anything near Lord of the Rings or any of the other complex fantasy worlds though so I think you might like it.

  4. Ah, that sounds really interesting! I want to read it now…

  5. Chris Hicks said:

    If you liked that, may I recommend a very similar sounding novel, “Fairy Tale” by Raymond Feist. I’d loan you my copy, but… well, I loaned it out one too many times and it never found the way home. 😦

    • That’s OK–I’m sure I can find it at the library. That’s where this one–and most of my books–come from now anyway. Although I may end up buying this one since I wouldn’t mind reading it again.

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