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Am I a Writer?

Well, sometimes I think that I’m not. Especially now, when it’s like pulling teeth to ever want to sit down and write.

If I was a true writer, I’d push past it. I’d keep writing even when I didn’t want to, because that’s the way to go about it. That’s how you become a successful writer–by not giving up. But there’s something mentally that’s blocking me…and I am having a hard time breaking past it.

I wish I could get rid of the laziness/lack of desire that seems to be consuming me now. I am trying…but it seems like the other side is winning. For now 😦


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  1. I’m so sorry! These struggles will come and go. Before I started writing regularly, I’d have long periods of time where I’d want to write something. I’d actually sit down with a notebook and nothing would come.

    Hang in there. I’m finding write now that going back to pen and paper is helping me. There’s something emotional about that connection for me that helps bring me back.

    • Maybe I should try that.

      I did actually get about 1600 words written this afternoon, although much of it is word vomit πŸ˜› But I suppose it’s something!

  2. Good job on the 1600 words. It is something. Hopefully this will break for you soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, 1600 words is 1600 words, vomit or not. πŸ˜›

    And I know you’re not much of a short story person, but sometimes writing a short story or two helps me get past writer’s exhaustion. Something about seeing a work finished feels refreshing and motivating, especially when I’m in the midst of working on some long, drawn out project like a novel.

  4. Agreed, 1600 words is something that wasn’t there before. I know how you feel about being a writer. I often wonder that myself. Wouldn’t I spent any extra time I had writing instead of flipping through channels and watching reruns.

  5. Stacy from Dayton said:

    I was getting blogged down in editing. Then I wrote a short story. It got my juices flowing again. Sometimes you just need to do something different so you can get the energy to go back.

    And 1600 words is great. It’s better to get the story down and continue. You can always fix it when you edit it. The important thing is getting it written first (whether it’s good or bad).

  6. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a break! I’ve taken a little less than a month away from my MS, and the last two nights I’ve been writing like crazy. It’s a good feeling.

  7. Give yourself a small task, a short story or something brief. As you write, think to yourself; what does this make me feel, am I happy, bored, wishing I was doing something else…

    This is not as easy calling, for sometimes it’s as hard as hey, and sometimes it’s a flood that feels drowning. Feast or famine, but I’ve read your excerpts, seen your desire and excitement. Sometimes a lull comes, only a time to wait through…

  8. I spent a large part of last year alternately starting projects, getting really excited about them, and then watching them fizzle into nothingness. It’s been such a relief (so far) to be chugging along on my current project. I forgot how great it was to know that I’m writing something right, rather than just wishing to write.

    So I don’t really have any advice on what to do, but I think you’re a writer regardless. Being a writer isn’t just writing, it frames who you are. It affects the way you view the world–suddenly you become more aware of the visceral reaction to the world, the colors, the way you think about some actions versus others, the way we speak. Like any art, it hyper-tunes you to the way human beings interact.

    So even if you’re not writing now, you’re still a writer. Promise promise.

  9. I’m a writer and I have periods that resemble the one you’re having. I’m on deadline and I can’t seem to get out more than a thousand words at a time, but I know this slump will pass and I’ll be churning out words at some point down the road. Hang in there. You’re not alone and yeah, you are a writer.

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