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Reading Rainbow 2.0!

The awesome show of my childhood returns! That’s right–Reading Rainbow is supposedly coming back!

At least that’s what the former host, LeVar Burton, said here in this article.  

I’m so happy about this 🙂 Now when ever children of my own come along, I can share it with them and say it’s similar to the same show their mom watched when she was a kid.

Comments on: "Reading Rainbow 2.0!" (5)

  1. Great show! I hadn’t heard it was coming back. That’s good news.

  2. I’m glad! I just wish I had t.v. access so my daughter could watch. I’m sure she’d love it.

  3. Oh yay! I’m a little surprised (seeing as they JUST canceled it…) but glad, because it’s so important to encourage reading in children!

  4. I always loved Reading Rainbow! This is great news. 🙂

  5. […] used to love to watch Reading Rainbow too (proven by my post dedicated to the show here) I’d always try to rush to the library shortly after to get the books they […]

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