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Fast Draft: Day 3

The words didn’t come as easily today, but I still managed 2K (2505 to be exact). This section is gonna need A LOT of work. Not even sure how much of it may be historically accurate (lots of research needed!) but I also know I don’t need to be 100%–it is fiction you know 😛 I mean even my premise is highly unlikely–I’m pretty sure there weren’t half American/half Japanese daughters of business tycoons being used as pawns by the ultranationalist terrorist groups, but that’s why it’s fiction. I can make up what I think might have happened.

Just like tonight’s scene.

Curious? Well, let’s just say Naomi is now “married” although less than enthusiastic about it.

Comments on: "Fast Draft: Day 3" (5)

  1. Good on you! Glad you’re writing. I DID put down a tiny bit of scene the other day, but I can tell I’m not there. I’m not even sure if the pov I used is one I’ll end up in at all. I think I need a break from the computer, but it’s practically impossible when email and blog hopping are the only relief I have from my job. LOL

  2. I’m so, so, so jealous. I only need to knock out 2500 words to finish my rewrites, but they just aren’t coming. I love that you are sticking to your goal. You inspire me.

  3. Oooh, married? Way to mess up her world! LOL Congrats on the wordage!

    • Yes, it definitely messes it up just a tad 🙂 Not to mention the fact she has to learn how to be a wife in that culture–gonna be fun to see how much she’s going to mess up 😛

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