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Fast Draft: Day 4

Ok, so I partially cheated today 😛 3147 words but most of it was recycled from an old draft. I made some changes in it–still need to make a lot more, especially as they approach the village (the scene is entirely too abrupt). I’d like to make a little more interaction between Naomi and Ryuji in this chapter–not as hostile as it’s been in the last few–as well as maybe mentioning the threat that made her leave to begin with.

 Right now though, the main “threat” is her obviously different appearance in clothing, character and looks from everyone else–and the fact that her new family is about to find out she’s really not been trained at all at being a Japanese wife. 😛 You know, the whole “man vs. society” thing.

Next section should be fun!


Comments on: "Fast Draft: Day 4" (2)

  1. Write on! ;D You’re an inspiration.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing awesome with your Fast Draft. Mine’s coming along. I’m behind by 10 pages from goal over all, but hope to make it up over the weekend.

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