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How I loved the day when these were passed out in class!

Anyone remember these from their school days? Those flyers/order forms from Scholastic that teachers used to pass out with all those books?

I’d forgotten about these until I came across them being mentioned in the The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, a book I’m reading for book club. The moment it was mentioned I had to look them up online to see if they were still doing it–and they definitely are!

I remember how excited I was when the teacher passed out these flyers. When I was in school, they were the consistency of newspaper–and I’d go through them eagerly looking for a book (or two…or five) to order. I’m sure my parents were absolutely thrilled to see these come home, because it often meant me begging them to get me another book. And most of the time they didn’t refuse (sis and I were a little spoiled, :P)

The best part though was when the box of books came in and the teacher would go through them, call out our names and hand our books out. Let me tell you, it was always agonizing when the teacher would wait until the very end of the day to pass them out. You got to see that box of books taunting you all day. Of course I understand why they did that–we probably wouldn’t have paid attention in class otherwise.

Another awesome event that occured surrounding books was the Book Fair. I LOVED it. My parents would usually give me a small amount of money so I could go and look for whatever books we’d like when it was our class’ day. Of course as I got older, book fairs became less “cool” by the other kids but I still loved them.

Anyone else remember the book flyers and book fairs?


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  1. Oh, I remember these, back in middle schools (because I didn’t attend elementary school in the U.S.). So nostalgic!

  2. Yep, though I never got any books. Now my son gets the flyers and I haven’t ordered him any either. For now, the library suffices. *grin* But someday when he’s older and we have more mula I hope to get him some! (and when he actually learns to read, lol)

  3. Yes. I remember them with a mixture of love and dread. Love because I felt exactly as you did. Dread because my daughter gets these at preschool. She doesn’t yet understand what they are, but once she does she’s going to insist we buy her stuff and we don’t have either the money or the space right now to buy more stuff. We’re trying to take care of the space issue, but garage sales just don’t help the money situation much. And of course, I feel terrible for not indulging her like I was indulged. My parents always made sure I got something from these catalogs. I’m sure that’s partly why I loved them. They certainly fueled my love of reading and I WANT that for her! Aargh!

  4. cheyanneyoung said:

    My daughter is in kindergarden and when she brought one home this year I freaked out with nostalgia and excitement and let her buy every book she wanted from it! =)

  5. I absolutely loved those! Mum could only buy me something once in a while and it was usually one of the smaller books, but it was like Christmas when that box arrived. I loved the book fairs too. I got some of my favorite books from the Reading Is Fun(damental) bookfairs.

    Though maybe they became my favorites because I was thrilled to get a free book.

  6. Yeah, I remember the book flyers. Ours also had posters, and I got some weird poster every time I ordered a book. It was called The Popcorn Club or something like that.

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