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I don’t know about you but my TBR (to-be read) list is LONG. Currently on Goodreads, I think I have over 100 books 😛 Many of them are books that have yet to be released, but they’re there, waiting… 😛

Anyway, here’s what I’m currently reading. (I’m one of those that can read two or more books at once):

First, the long-awaited sequel to Aprilynne Pike’s Wings. I was never one for tales about fairies, but hers (along with Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series) are my favorite, simply because it isn’t the normal “Tinkerbell” pixie fairy that most of us picture. I’m on Chapter Six currently and tonight Aprilynne will be at my local bookstore promoting it, so I’m definitely looking forward to meeting her 🙂

Next one I’m currently reading–Michelle Moran’s Nefertiti. This was her debut book and I’ve read her other two: The Heretic Queen which is technically a loose sequel to Nefertiti and Cleopatra’s Daughter. Moran is wonderful and infusing history into the prose without going overboard with details. It can be a little hard to follow the names of the ancient Egyptians, but that’s to be expected. The story is wonderful so far and I’m really looking forward to when her fourth book is released, which will break from her ancient history settings and be set around the French Revolution.

And finally, the one I still have to pick up at the library: Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. It’s loosely based of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale, and since I absolutely LOVE fairy tale/myth retellings, I had to put this on order. Plus, the cover is simply gorgeous.

So, what are you currently reading–or plan on reading?

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  1. SQUEEEE! (That’s Vic-language for OMG) I love Marillier and you’re right, the book looks like dessert for the reader. Must put it on my WAAAY too long TBR list.

    Julie Kagawa’s books are on my list and I am interested in the Egyptian stuff, but they’ll probably wait awhile. Right now, I’ve got Crisis and Conflict in Han Dynasty China, Treason by the Book, and The Life and Times of Su Tungpo for writing research. For review, there’s Deep Creek (murder mystery set in America and not technically my thing, but it is well written) and Tiger’s Eye by Marjorie Liu. It’s well written, sexy and lots of fun so far. In the car I’m listening to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It’s been a delightful romp through not-quite-England, but I fear I won’t get through it before it’s due back at the library. 😦

  2. I’ve been wanting to read WINGS – the sequel looks good, too.

    I’ve been on a mystery reading streak lately, especially middle grade and YA mysteries, although I just started a new-to-me series (Fred Vargas, THE CHALK CIRCLE MAN) and I’m really enjoying it.

  3. I have lots of books that I want to read, but I’ll probably start with the pile of short story anthologies I picked up for cheap at a used bookstore:
    -Extraordinary Engines (steampunk)
    -Year’s Best Fantasy 2 (from 2002)
    -Unicorns! (Because, really, who wouldn’t want to read a book of stories about unicorns? lol)
    -Great Short Novels of Science Fiction

    I also have a book of Celtic Fairy Tales that has been sitting at my desk for months…I’ll probably open that one up sometime soon, too…

    And I think I’ll start stealing books off your list to add to my own (even though mine is plenty long already).

    • If you look for me on Goodreads, you’ll find that I have LOTS. And I’m sure a good number of them would be interesting to you too.

      Also, I recommend setting up a Goodreads account. It helps me keep organized 🙂

  4. I enjoy reading anything to do with Egyptian culture, so Nefertiti sounds great. Hope I get to pick that one up.

  5. I have a short TBR list since I’ve only recently started reading books again. The first book is called Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, a reprint of an original 1848 publication by Benson J. Lossing, a 19th century historian. Following that, I will be reading Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence, originally published as The Pioneer Mothers of America in 1912 by Harry Clinton Green and Mary Wolcott Green. These were once popular readings in schools, only now to become forgotten history. I’m anxious to discover the history denied me in the hopes of gaining an even better appreciation for the sacrifices which led to our Divinely-inspired nation that we come to take for granted.

  6. I have tons and tons and tons on my reading list. Currently, I would like to just finish The Host… been working on it for a month and I’m only 50 pages in 😦 Guess it’s because all my “free reading time” is filled up with critique group reading. Oh well, I love reading their stuff!

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